Monday, March 27, 2006

You Cannot Be Serious

Here's my piece on the Western hypocrisy towards democracy and human rights from today's Guardian.,,1740445,00.html


Delworth said...

Well! No comments allowed! Whatever happened to that sanctimonious preacher about the evil Pollard & Kamm? Did the heat of the kitchen get too much for you? Poor Neil....Mummy will make it better.

Neil Clark said...

What do you mean, no comments allowed...?!!!
You're beginning to sound like a rather hysterical Shakespearian actor.
Instead of indulging in childish insults, why don't you send in your thoughts on the subject matter of the post?

puthwuth said...

You still completely fail to address the substantive issue: are there human rights abuses in Belarus or not? There obviously are, and you very obviously aren't one bit bothered. Some socialist alternative that is.