Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bring on Bill

If there's anyone who has some pretty serious questions to answer over the break-up of Yugoslavia- and the support the U.S. gave to radical Islamists and other secessionists- it's Bill Clinton.

Clinton may be called on to testify 15:39 -> 15:46 February 28

THE HAGUE -- Tuesday – Slobodan Milosevic’s assigned defence counsel Steven Kay has asked the Hague Tribunal to call on former US president Bill Clinton to appear as a witness in Milosevic’s defence case. Kay said that the defence would like to question Clinton regarding some of things he wrote in his book “My Life,” particularly the parts that deal with the US role in the Yugoslav conflict, and to give a personal point-of-view regarding Milosevic and Serbia, which can only be described as “unfriendly.” Kay continued, adding that the consequences of this relationship were an unjustly negative portrayal of Serbia and Yugoslavia as the main perpetrators of crimes in the regional conflicts.
The former American president communicated with Milosevic directly and through advisors, which makes him very capable of discussing these topics, Kay said. According to Milosevic’s intentions, Clinton would be questioned regarding the claims that the US directly an indirectly helped the Croatian military in attacks against the Serbs and offered military and material help to the Bosnia-Herzegovina Government in between 1991 and 1995. Clinton would also be questioned about “the involvement of the US Government in enabling Islamic countries, such as Iran, and organisations close to the Al Kaide to offer the Bosnian Government soldiers and weapons,” as well as Washington’s involvement in the NATO attacks on Bosnian Serbs. The defence also states that Clinton can potentially be questioned regarding “the help which the US offered to the Kosovo Liberation Army in the attacks on security forces in Kosovo.” If the Hague Tribunal grants Milosevic’s demand to question Bill Clinton, he would receive a court order obligating him to testify.

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