Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Reason The Empire Hates Belarus

Here's a terrific piece on why The Empire hates Belarus from today's Guardian by Mark Almond.,,1735514,00.html


Nguyen Van Minh said...

Neil - here's a link to the progress being made in Somalia without any government at all, since they seceded from the New World Order in 1991.

As you'd know, Siad Barre was a former Empire asset until he was toppled by Somalis.

So Somalia's out of the NWO, and consequently even with no government they aren't doing so badly on many indicators, at least going by their recent history.

puthwuth said...

Steve Edwards raises a good point. I'd like to know Neil Clark's view of other heroic go-it-alone states such as Transniestria, Republika Sprska and of course North Korea.

In the mean time, we can content ourselves with the entirely free and democratic demonstration of Belarussian policemen in Minsk today, despite the best efforts of a group of civilain thugs to disrupt it.