Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Murder of Milosevic: The Latest News

The Dutch tv revelations are dynamite.

Milosevic's lawyer Zdenko Tomanovic said his client had feared he was being poisoned, but the tribunal rejected a request for the autopsy to be done in Russia, close ally of the former Yugoslavia and home to Milosevic's wife, brother and son.
Tomanovic said his client had written to Russia asking for help a day before his death, adding he had been given the wrong drugs -- including some for leprosy -- in a bid to silence him.
Cardiologists treating Milosevic in The Hague had warned he was at risk of a life-threatening condition known as a hypertensive emergency, when surges in blood pressure can damage the heart, kidneys and central nervous system.
Reports emerged indicating Milosevic may have had suspicious traces in his blood or had not been taking medication.
A blood sample from Milosevic in January contained traces of drugs used to treat leprosy or tuberculosis that can neutralise medicine for high blood pressure and heart problems, Dutch public TV NOS reported, quoting an unnamed tribunal adviser.

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