Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The State Is For The People

Here's a superb speech by the President of the last independent country in Europe. The only one whose foreign policy is not decided in another country's capital.


grapesofplenty said...

Let's hope he wins on Sunday.
The CIA will of course have some students and Soros funded NGO types to wave orange flags in Minsk Square- but that particular ruse's been's rumbled now. Could be a bad old weekend for the gangsters- if the Serbian government does get toppled and Belarus can stay uncolonised.
The tide is definitely turning against the bastards.

Steve said...

No, I think he is VERY dependant on Russia.

lets hope he wins on Sunday, yea right, with the opposition in prison, of course he will win, what a paradise.

Venichka said...

So Moscow is now not "another country's capital" as seen from Belarus.

And Batko Luka (the only current Head of State, at least in Europe, to have overtly praised Hitler, I note) has therefore attained his long held ambition of being Head of the Community of Belarus and Russia! Still no sign of that common currency, though: nor the joint armed forces long promised.

Oh, I guess that would be proof of Belarus's independent foreign policy though, as Batko Luka does occasionally stand up to Russia (and has been known to have its midwinter gas supplies played havoc with as a result): given it is the country's sole ally, I guess we see what a brave and principled leader Belarus has.

Thank You Comrade Batko Luka for Our Happy Belarusian Childhood!

Yes what a fine example he sets for all national leaders to follow!

Brave old Batko Luka!

Neil Clark said...

Nice to have you commenting here Venichka, even though I disagree with just about everything you ever say!
Lukashenko did not 'overtly praise' Hitler, he merely said that Hitler's economic policies benefited many Germans, a point on which most historians and economists would agree. Hitler, however appalling he and his regime was, did reduce unemployment- that is indisputable-how on earth is stating this fact the same as 'praising' Hitler?

President Lukashenko has spared the citizens of Belarus the economic meltdown experienced by other ex-Soviet Union states- it has the most equal distribution of wealth of any country in the region- and its thriving economy is not controlled by oligarchs or Western capital.
It is the only former CIS state which has risen in the UN Human Development Index in the last ten years. Lukashenko has done an excellent job in so many respects and he is only being criticised because he defends the right of his country to follow its own economic and social model-and not one dictated to it by the IMF, the EU or Washington.
It is because this model is more successful than the one currently imposed in Poland, Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe- that the New World Order is pumping so much money in to Belarus to try to achieve 'regime change'

Nguyen Van Minh said...

With any luck, he should be re-elected. I don't care so much what his domestic policies are, so long as he is against the New World Order.

Miguel said...
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SiberianLight said...

Does France's heroic opposition to the Iraq war no longer qualify it for entry into the independent European country category?

You might be interested to see my other response to your post here:

(Sorry, would have emailed you direct, but couldn't find an address on your site).