Saturday, March 11, 2006

Let's have some real democracy

The consistently excellent blogger The Exile went into Occupied Territory to post this on the website Liar's Place. It's a gem:

'When it comes to conspiracy theories, the left can't match you lot. Do you remember right after the 11th September when Count Vulfovitch was saying that Iraq was behind it all? Did you believe that? Bless!
President Milosevich failed to stop imperialism in Serbia and the roadshow moved on the Iraq. From Belgrade to Baghdad, in almost a straight line.
However, as I watch you hand shandyists for war start to fight amongst yourselves, one thing does become clear. That road that started in Belgrade ends in Baghdad.'

The Exile, as always, is spot on in his analysis, except that sadly, the road will not end in Baghdad. The people who planned the criminal dismemberment of Yugoslavia- and who then planned the equally criminal destruction of Iraq, have further imperial conquests in mind- in Belarus, Venezuela, Iran- and indeed any other independent nation which refuses to pay Danegeld.
We must not allow them to succeed. What is needed now is the formation of a new, popular movement, to unite patriotic forces of both left and right to defend the rights of countries to follow their own democratic path- be it a socialist, communist, social democratic, Islamist- or any other system the people of that country chose. Three times the citizens of Yugoslavia voted in to office the 'unreformed' Socialist Party led by Slobodan Milosevic- yet their country was labelled 'undemocratic' and their leader a 'dictator'. Why? Because the wrong side won.
What kind of democracy is it that only one economic model and one foreign policy is allowed- and that those politicians who put forward different solutions are ousted, put in prison or bombed?
It's time to start a new movement: for real democracy. There is nothing the fake proponents of democracy fear more.

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