Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Criminal Collusion

Here's an excellent piece by Seumas Milne in today's Guardian on the collusion between Britain, the Likud adminstration in Israel and the U.S. I'm pleased Seumas mentions the war crimes of Ariel Sharon-a man with far more blood on his hands than Milosevic, yet who got off scot-free. Instead, he even gets praised by the British Foreign Secretary!,,1731851,00.html


Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

1.I don't use the word 'fisking'. It's derogatory to the finest foreign correspondent of the last twenty or so years. A man you and other supporters of the Empire can't stand, because he tells it like it is.
2. If you mean to say that the pro-Likud site you have drawn our attention to- successfully counters the arguments of Seumas Milne- then you're wrong too.
3. By showing us that you read such extremist drivel- and quote it approvingly- at least you've revealed to readers where you're coming from politically.

Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

I've already made it quite clear why there will be no 'forensic analysis' of the works of Oliver Kamm for the forseeable future.
There's an ongoing legal issue which I know you are aware of- and while that's still going on- I won't be doing any in-depth postings on Kamm- though, as I said last week, I will still challenge him to produce evidence when he makes unsubstantiated comments- like when he mentioned the notorious freezer truck hoax last week.
You have criticised me in the past for being obssessed with Kamm and yet when I don't mention him for a while, you're not happy either! This site is not, or never will be 'Kamm Watch' -there are an awful lot of other pro-war writers out there peddling propaganda who need to be challenged too.
One small question:
is it possible for you to post any comments without mentioning Oliver Kamm?
When you do broaden your horizons away from him, you can be quite interesting. (especially on the widows of late British actors).
ps I really do approve of Stephen Pollard's posting today- especially if he really does keep to his word!