Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One Voice We've Heard More Than Enough Of

He calls himself 'left-wing' and 'progressive'. Then what on earth is Johann Hari doing talking to a propaganda mouthpiece of an Empire which has caused more deaths on this planet than any other force since Nazi Germany?
All over the world people have heard 'The Voice of The Empire'- from Belgrade to Baghdad- from the occupied territories to Tehran. It's usually distinguished by a shrill 'if you don't do this or that, we'll bomb you' .
Then it says 'if you don't surrender your leader to us for trumped up war crimes charges, we'll devastate your economy'. And finally, when the leader in question refuses to bend down on his knees in front of The Emperor, the Voice says 'It's time to die now you upstart, but nobody will care that we've poisoned you because thanks to our control of the media every one believes you deserved to die anyway'.

The 'Voice of The Empire' is a voice we've all heard far too much of. Rather like Hari's.

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