Saturday, March 11, 2006

Death of a Political Prisoner

It really was the only way out for them wasn't it?
It stops Slobo exposing, as he had done so brilliantly- the extent of Western collaboration with Islamic militants in Bosnia and Kosovo.
And the embarrassment of having to pass a guilty verdict, even though after four years they could come up with nothing. A succession of independent doctors warned that Milosevic was in serious danger of a heart attack, but their warnings were deliberately ignored. Now we have the grotesque sight of Paddy Ashdown claiming that Milosevic has 'escaped' justice. Ashdown, a man, who was caught on video inspecting a Kosovan Liberation Army weapons cache and promising the drug-dealing terrorist group Western assistance.
Milosevic's only crime- as I have said no many occasions, was getting in the way of The Empire. For doing that, he has paid a very heavy price. May he Rest in Peace.

PS If anyone does think the prosecution at the Hague Tribunal produced evidence of Milosevic's alleged crimes- please send it on to me.


Fancyclown said...

Get out the violins

Nguyen Van Minh said...

Richard Hart asks: "What Empire Neil?"

Neil would be referring to the very Empire that claims the right to occupy foreign countries (see Appendix B of the Rambouillet "Agreement") with legal impunity, applying lethal force against civilian infrastructure where this demand is not acceded to; all justified on the basis of concocted claims of "genocide" and subsequent calls for "humanitarian intervention"; accompanied by the transfer of the assets of the hapless victims at bayonet-point to a clique of well-connected foreign "investors".

I think that would be the empire Neil had in mind, am I right Neil?

Neil Clark said...

Yup Steve, that's the Empire I have in mind. They'll be popping champagne corks tonight- relieved that one of the few leaders who stood up to them is out of the way-but as their lies become more and more transparent (Kosovan genocide, Iraqi WMDs) their days will be numbered.

Indefatigathingummy said...

yeah - not wanting to join Nato and the EU - that's what gets your leaders imprisoned and killed. Just ask Norway (not EU) and Sweden (manged to avoid the silky caresses of Nato thus far).

Miguel said...
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Nguyen Van Minh said...

"yeah - not wanting to join Nato and the EU - that's what gets your leaders imprisoned and killed..."

Nice attempt at a diversion there. Now go and read the Rambouillet "Agreement", particularly Appendix B, and then return when you are finally acquainted with the facts.