Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Empire's Crimes are Exposed

If there's one good thing to come out of yesterday's sorry events, it's that more and more people have now woken up to how the Empire operates. Here's a posting from Neil Craig on the BBC's 'Have Your Say' forum.

This was deliberate slow murder by withholding medical treatment. The Nato funded kangaroo "court" been totally unable to bring any evidence against him- he had proven beyond any shadow of doubt that the real Nazi war criminals personally guilty of genocide were the NATO leaders including Bliar.
Milosevic was "the only leader who consistently supported peace" & "a man to whom any form of racism is anathema" (to quote Lord Owen).
Neil Craig, Glasgow

And here's the thoughts of the brilliant Mexico-based blogger The Exile on why Milosevic was singled out.

But of course, the propagandists for Empire, are busy regurgitating all the old State Department propaganda. A certain pro-war obsessive astonishingly choses to mention the infamous 'Freezer Truck hoax' story. His email is, readers may wish to send him the following. Be prepared though for an extremely rude brush-off- he's not too keen on being challenged with the facts.


Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

This has nothing to do with the court case.
When Kamm, Pollard, or any other propagandists for The Empire post hoaxes dressed up as fact I will continue to challenge them. Or should we let them write such claptrap and and get away with it? Is that what you're suggesting?
Is there a rule I've missed somewhere which says that the propagandists for Empire have a write to challenge those who oppose their stance, but not vice versa?
Kamm's rude brush-offs to those who challenge him are on the record.

ps Good comment about Olof Palme.