Sunday, March 12, 2006

The shame of the BBC

I have been sent this Press Release from William Spring, of Christians against NATO Aggression to complain about the appallingly one-sided coverage of the BBC concerning the death of President Milosevic.
It's our corporation- we pay for it- it's time to ask them why on earth a more representative section of voices weren't heard yesterday.

Just about only thing the BBC got right yesterday about the late President Milosevic was the fact he was dead.

They didn't say he was murdered, only that he was dead.

I dreaded turning on the BBC 24 Hours TV as I knew there would be a constant barrage of defamation against the late President.

I finally turned on the television about 2330 UK time yesterday 11th March 2006.

I listened to this rubbish for about twenty minutes and then turned the ruddy thing off.

The first exchange I heard was "just how evil do you think he was?"

This assumes he was evil in the first place, which I don't concede, (except in the general sense as employed in Scripture to define the entire human race, save Christ.)

Then a parade of the charlatans, Richard Holbrooke, Alan Little, Paddy Ashdown, David Owen - all of them making off the cuff defamatory remarks about the dead President.

Finally there was a UK former army officer who had served in The Balkans type ( not Michael Rose) who came out with more bile.

Nothing irritates the Western media more than someone who consistently speaks the truth as did Slobodan Milosevic.

He would not be put down, or cowed, and so in the end they murdered him.

Whether they murdered him by direct lethal injection, or by poisoning, is really irrelevant, anyway he was done an Arafat.

It is of course possible he did not die as a result of any direct method, only by neglect.

I read yesterday the request of the International Committee for the Defence of the Slobodan Milosevic that he be transferred to Moscow for medical treatment.

This request was submitted to The Tribunal the day before his death.

I paste below a copy + press release from the Committee.

This reasonable request was refused by The Tribunal, so based on their full knowledge of his medical condition, by their consistent refusal to grant him proper medical attention they did in fact sentence him to death.

The Hague Tribunal is guilty of homicide.

In any event they consistently perverted the course of justice in this case.

Milosevic had comprehensively rubbished the case against him.

He had demonstrated there was no case to answer and at the very least he should have been given bail.

What a disgraceful Court and what disgraceful judges and what a disgraceful BBC.

"Germany calling..."

These are the echoes I hear when I listen to the BBC.

The BBC is an organisation now dominated by ignorant and prejudiced men and women who as a collective are determined to doctor the truth as in this case.

The BBC is an organisation which long ago gave up all pretence of impartiality and post Gilligan has been under direct instructions from their disreputable Director General to ensure that no investigative journalism be conducted, at least not on topics which are sensitive as far as the US - UK military industrial complex is concerned.

Yet truth will speak beyond the grave.

Yes we know that thousands of people died in Yugoslavia in the wars of secession.

Yes we know there were atrocities committed.

But the West created the wars.

And to say that atrocities were the prerogative of one side, and that the entire conflict can be described as the fault of one man, is such an evidently crazy proposition that people like Alan Little who regale such lies should be forever shunned by decent people.

Where were those who could put a slightly different slant on the "noble NATO was a liberating force"spin of the BBC?

Where was Pilger?

Proscribed. Forbidden to broadcast on the BBC.

Where was Fisk ?


Where even was Lord Carrington, who has been known to say a few kind words about Slobodan?

I didn't see him.

Where were the comments from the various Committees set up around the world for the defence of Slobodan Milosevic?

And why was I not allowed to broadcast, having at least met the guy?

I concede I run a pressure group opposed to the BBC war policy.

Therefore only on occasion have I ever been asked to broadcast on their channel and that was at 0715 on a Sunday morning.

What about Neil Clark? Peter Wilby? John Laughland? Jeremy Corbyn? Tony Benn? Harold Pinter? Tam Dalyell? Alice Mahon?

Anyone who might look at the situation in a slightly different light compared to the BBC orthodoxy is suspect.

And I pay for this shambles!!!

All I know is that there are still one or two journalists @ the BBC who retain a commitment to truth.

Before the historical record is entirely erased and doctored in the interests of our new world rulers, the Blair-Bush -Berlusconi conspiracy, I feel they should speak out, if not on the air waves, as that will be impossible, perhaps at our Regime Change UK conference now planned for May 2006.

As for Milosevic I recall one phrase he used to me:

He said when Richard Holbrooke visited him and told him Belgrade was about to be bombed, he replied to him:

" You don't care about the Albanians. You are just using them. I care about them ( i.e. the Albanians in Kosovo ) because they are Yugoslav citizens."

To the family of Slobodan Milosevic I send my condolences and from my family and on behalf of those associated with the pressure group CANAUK.

However inadequately and on whatever minimal resources we have endeavoured over the years to isolate the facts so as to provide a proper historical record of these troubled times as a basis for comment on the Blair Wars.

William Spring Director CANAUK


fakoff said...

Cursed with blindness. It is a sad human saga that this world is littered with the likes of Milosevic--you who seek a version of truth through glorifying a petty criminal who spilled innocent blood. I am no journalist, you moron, I am no reader from a comfi room thousands of miles away, I am no conspiracy believer, I AM SOMEONE WHOSE CHILDHOOD WAS STOLEN, WHOSE LIFE WAS SHATTERED, WHOSE FRIENDS WERE KILLED, WHOSE ENTIRE GENERATION DEPRIVED OF A NORMAL LIFE. You, blind Moron, will NEVER EVER understand the pain that your idol-savage brought upon milions of us who lived through his regime. Your pin-sized brain is capable of only seeing things through the eyes of a savage who didn't even have balls to take his own life.

Neil Clark said...

No one is disputing that horrific crimes took place in the Balkans and that many lives were ruined. But was Milosevic responsible?
His trial had lasted over four years by the time of his death over 100 witnesses had testified that Milosevic did not order war crimes or ethnic cleansing. Milosevic started as many wars as you or I did (unless your name is Blair, Clinton, Albright, Genscher, Kohl, Zimmerman, Holebrook, Perle, Kucan, Tudjman or Izetbegovic).
Don't blame him for the carnage- but the 'human garbage' who started the wars in the first place.

Iain Shearer said...

This is all absurd. I read your columns with great interest Neil, but i am appalled by the wilfull blindness with which you treat Milosevic. Do you HONESTLY believe he was not culpable for the wars of 91-95? Do you honestly believe that Milosevic and the senior figures in his regime did not encourage, allow and direct units of the JLA and Serb paramilitaries in Croatia and Serbia? Do you honestly believe Milosevic was motivated by anything other than a naked need for power? (Stambolic mean anything to you?) These columns seem to be directed by a sad, teenage desire to have a hissy-fit at big, bad Amerika and its lackey Blair, than any real interest in the Balkan Wars. Using the many victims of the conflict to bludgen politics in the West is a dance on the graves of Vukovar, Visegrad, Mostar and the Krajina. Milosevic betrayed the Serbs, destroyed his nation and blighted the lives of millions. The real indictment of the West is that we allowed the fighting to continue. We should have gone in sooner, in greater numbers and ordered UN units to actively engage with fighters of all sides. Perhaps Milosevic would have crumbled sooner and Serbia would not have suffered as a gangster state for quite so long.