Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A truly brave writer

In his Guardian column on Monday, Gary Younge talked of how- when it comes to attacking the weak and backing the strong 'bravery' has become the mot de jour. What is 'brave', Younge asked about supporting the policies of your government and the sole superpower against a country that posed no threat? The answer of course is nothing- yet that still didn't stop David Aaronivitch being awarded as major journalistic award two years ago for his 'bravery' in supporting the war in Iraq. Aaronovitch is a brilliant wordsmith, but to label him 'brave' is quite ridiculous- he, in common with other pro-war writers are aligning themselves with the most powerful Empire the world has ever known. The truly brave journalists are those, like John Pilger and Robert Fisk who expose the lies of the most powerful forces on the planet- and who stand up for the dispossessed, the weak and the voiceless. To their number must now be added Martin Kelly, who has now publicly recanted his support for a neo-conservative foreign policy. Martin is the first neo-con to do so, but already others are following suit. I enclose a copy of Martin's email to me, on what is already looking like a traffic jam on the Road to Damascus. Long may it continue.

Dear Neil,
Thank you very much for your link to my essay 'Neoconservatism's Berlin Wall'. It might interest you to know that joining Francis Fukuyama in jumping ship have been William F. Buckley, Niall 'I am a fully paid-up member of the neo-imperialist gang' Ferguson, Andrew Sullivan, Gerard Baker and Nigel Farndale. All within the last week, the last four within the last two days.My money's on Mark Steyn being next.
11:47 PM

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