Sunday, March 12, 2006

His Unfinest Hour?

Dr Brendan Simms, Co-President of the neo-conservative pro-war pressure group The Henry Jackson Society and anti-Yugoslavian propagandist makes a rather serious claim in The Sunday Times today.,,2089-2082018,00.html
I enclose an email I have sent to him in response. His email address is, should you agree with me that Dr Simms, following good academic practice should reveal to us the 'evidence' he refers to.

Dear Dr Simms,
You write in The Sunday Times today that 'the evidence the trial has clearly established is that Milosevic was the inspiration for the joint criminal enterprise to carve an ethnically pure 'Greater Serbia' out of the ruins of Bosnia and Croatia'. Does it? I have been following the trial on a daily basis, and I can find nothing among the transcripts to back up your assertion. Perhaps I've missed it. As I am sure you would not make a claim of this order in a prestigious Sunday newspaper without any factual basis, please could you email me the evidence you refer to.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Neil Clark

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Anonymous said...

Dr Simms has point. You may kiss ass of mr. Hurd