Friday, March 03, 2006

My Heroes

My parents, wife and family, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, George Lansbury, Sir Stafford Cripps, Ernest Bevin, Peter Shore, Sir Mark Prescott, Batman and Robin, Ellery Queen, Sherlock Holmes, John Steed, Erich Fromm, Herb Alpert, Van McCoy, Vivien Leigh, Windsor Davis, Richard Briers, Arthur Lowe, Alistair Sim, Robert Morley, Terry-Thomas, Jimmy Perry and David Croft, Edgar Wallace, Jeremy Brett and David Suchet. To me, heroes/heroines one and all. Incredibly, the neo-conservative writer Stephen Pollard seems to think that among their number lurks a 'mass murderer' .
I wonder which of them Stephen is referring to? Is he suggesting that Jimmy Perry and David Croft did a bit of throat-cutting in between writing scripts for Dad's Army and It Aint Half Hot Mum? Or that Edgar Wallace not only wrote crime novels, but also led a life of crime himself?
I strongly suspect that what Mr Pollard has in mind is my defence of the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, currently on trial at The Hague.
I have never said Milosevic is my 'hero'- only that I don't believe he is guilty of the crimes he is charged with. If Mr Pollard does in fact possess proof that Milosevic is a 'mass murderer' then I suggest he sends it PDQ to the authorities at The Hague- after four years they certainly could do with some!


Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

My hero was Mr, not Mrs Sim!
In any case, I believe her intended victim is alive and well and living in Kent. And I think she had just the one murder- not several- in mind!

Neil Clark said...

Many thanks for sending this by the way- it's quite a scream!