Friday, September 30, 2016

Keep Left Jeremy Corbyn, It's the Key to Your Success

My latest column for Sputnik:

For a man who we're repeatedly told is "unelectable," Jeremy Corbyn seems pretty good at winning elections. He's been an MP since 1983, winning his seat eight times at a general election - and in 2015, he increased his vote in Islington North by 5.8%.

Against all the odds — and all the predictions of the "punditocracy," he was elected Labour leader last summer and increased his vote percentage again when challenged for the leadership this summer. That achievement was all the more impressive when you consider the large number of Corbyn supporting members who were prevented from voting in the poll by Labour's NEC and the party's Compliance Unit.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Edward Snowden: The hypocrisy is in the (Washington) Post

My latest article- for OpEdge

Consider the following: A newspaper receives documents about mass state surveillance from a whistleblower. It publishes a selection of the material. It is awarded a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting of the leaks.
Then, a couple of years later, having made money from the whistleblower and gained a prestigious award - it publishes an editorial arguing that the whistleblower- who had to leave his country, his family and loved ones and claim political asylum in another - does not deserve an official pardon.
Whatever your views are on whistleblowers, I’m sure you’ll agree that the newspaper has behaved pretty reprehensibly. We can talk about hypocrisy, betrayal, double standards, treachery - and also think of quite a few unprintable words to describe what the paper has done.
But really, the behavior of the Washington Post - the newspaper in question - should not surprise us.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Top 10 Western lies about the Syrian conflict

My latest OpEdge for

Here are 10 of the worst lies that have been peddled by the West regarding Syria, with the aim of giving people living in Western countries an entirely false view of the conflict that has been raging in the Middle East country since 2011.
As in the case of previous US-led wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya the lies told in relation to the ongoing conflict in Syria have been quite outrageous.

1. The West has failed to intervene in Syria - and that's been the problem
This oft-repeated claim (only last week the Washington Post was lamenting 'the disastrous non-intervention in Syria') is a complete inversion of the truth....

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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Why Owen Smith is wrong to call for a 2nd EU Referendum

The latest interview with me on the Mike Parr show on BBC Radio Tees. You can listen here (item starts c 19mins).

Monday, September 05, 2016

US exceptionalism: How dare the EU demand US companies pay more tax!

My latest article for OpEdge- on the Apple tax affair, the EU Commission and Ireland...

The most revealing thing about the European Commission's ruling that Apple should pay Ireland up to €13 billion in back taxes has been the indignant reaction from the US.
Charles Schumer, described by the BBC as ‘a senior Democratic senator’, said: "This is a cheap money grab by the European Commission, targeting US businesses and the US tax base."
Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives thundered: “This decision is awful. Slamming a company with a giant tax bill — years after the fact — sends exactly the wrong message to job creators on both sides of the Atlantic.”
The US Treasury slammed the decision as “unfair”. The White House said it was “concerned” about what it described as a “unilateral approach”. Orrin Hatch, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, called the ruling “an extraordinary decision that targets US business by rewriting already existing tax policies.”

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