Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Fight Back Has Already Begun

Here's a brilliant piece by Chomsky on how the fight back against The Empire is gaining ground in Latin America and Asia. It's Eastern Europe's turn next- beginning with the people of Belarus saying an emphatic no to the New World Order's Drag Nach Ostern on Sunday.,,1731009,00.html


grapesofplenty said...

Hari is an ignorant, big-headed git. He wrote that Milosevic had a plan to carve out a Greater Serbia free of its Muslims- yeh right Johann. Can you show any proof for this? The trial at The Hague couldn't. His work is the sloppiest of all the Luftwaffe Liberals- did you see in his article on Monday how he said that the Nato bombing bought Milosevic down in 1999. Well, Johann, the bombing ended in June 1999- and Slobbo was only toppled in October 2000. Private Eye did a good expose of Hari by revealing how his famous 'I took drugs at Cambridge' story- which propelled him into journalism- was a complete fabrication.

Steve said...

Why isn't Noam living and writing in Exile, all good dissidents are exiled,
why he could write from Minsk, I am sure he would love the extra freedoms he would have there, rather than living in the opressive U.S.

Neil Clark said...

Come on Steve- get real.
If a political party based on Chomsky's views looked like it was getting somewhere, its leader would end up with the same fate as Milosevic- poisioned in a prison cell (or else shot like Allende and Palme). If voting ever looked like it would bring about real democratic change- they'd abolish it- they're quite happy to have the likes of Chomsky free and at liberty to put out his books and articles- so long as too many people don't read them. We are living through the most subtle- and effective totalitarian empire ever seen in history.