Thursday, March 16, 2006

Democracy in Belarus: An Amoeba speaks

Cor, the Empire is trotting out all its foot soldiers in the attempt to put the boot in on Belarus- even of the amoeba kind. 'One President but plenty of thugs'?- Isn't that a description of Dubya, Donald, Wolfie and Perle, William? You know, your pals from D.C.?,,6-2087785,00.html


puthwuth said...

Are you saying these allegations are all lies? Do you believe that Belarus does not silence newspapers and imprison opposition leaders? Do you believe it is a free and open society? I don't think being on the same side as William Hague is a good enough reason for not objecting to a foul dictatorship. But you seem to do. Shame on you.

Neil Clark said...

Have a look at Jonathan Steele's piece I posted recently- I think that will answer yr questions. It's also in the Guardian archives.
As to yr comments about The Amoeba-I think in life if you make it a policy to oppose whatever position he's taking- you won't go far wrong. Do you remember 'Ten Days to Save the Pound' -and Hague's utterances on 'the Iraqi 'WMD' threat?

puthwuth said...

Belarus may stick out for still looking east to Moscow rather than west, but that doesn’t change the facts. It is not a democracy. Its constitution is “illegal and does not respect minimum democratic standards and thus violates the principles of separation of powers and the rule of law”, according to the Council of Europe. Journalists and opposition leaders are disappeared. It is, repeat, not a democracy, and being on the opposite side to William Hague is still not a good reason for springing to its dictator’s defence.

puthwuth said...

Opposition supporters have been threatened with arrest as 'terrorists' if they demonstrate in Belarus. There are NO opposition MPs in the Belarus parliament. Yet just because the 'Empire' doesn't like Belarus the author of this blog seems to believe it's a fine and dandy place. I'd be interested to hear what other people have to say about this.