Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Izetbegovic- the neo con's favourite Islamo-fascist

Continuing our regular series of posts on the extremist past of Alija Izetbegovic, the neo-conservative's favourite Islamo-fascist, here's a brilliant piece by Julia Gorin from the Jewish World Review.


Steve said...

Look if it was not for Slobo there would have been no massacres period.He headed a regime that committed these atrocities in Bosnia. Ok so it was not Genocide, but word is banded about so much these days anyway, and she is right about Sudan. But your hero is not blameless.
Anyway why aren't you based in Belgrade or Minsk.

Neil Clark said...

Steve, I asked you last time if you had any evidence of atrocities Slobo committed in Bosnia, then send them to The Hague urgently- they could do with some evidence after four years!
But I suppose we're making some progress when you concede that what happened in Bosnia, tragic as it was, cannot be called genocide.