Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Email of the week

All of us who try to expose the lies of the war lobby face constant attack from the enemy-but when you get emails like this, it makes it all worthwhile.

Dear Mr Clark
I would just like to say that I was shocked and happy to see that there are still people like you who are speaking out against the "new world order" and the lies that built it. I recently read some of your articles on Yugoslavia and I could not understand if you were smarter or braver than the thousands of people who spout the well known lies in regards to this "topic". Even though it is a huge propaganda machine which you, Harold Pinter, Ramsey Clark et al are resisting against, it is a fight which is just and must be fought.Though it may be hard to see, there are still people who appreciate what you do by telling the truth.
Best regards,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Neil,
thankyou for you insightful article in the Australian "A crisis of West's own making". Finally an objective view is coming out on a horror story that the west fabricated back in 1999. I feel sick to the stomach every time I see the images of so call persecuted Albanians on TV. It feels like all the nations that were solidly defeated in WWII have risen from the ashes and are now allowed to thrive. What the world has totally forgotten including the West is that Serbia was key ally of the West in two world wars. I can't believe with all that has occurred post 9/11 that nations would still support a rouge state's formation. It’s sad to see what the world has come too.