Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our Criminal Prime Minister

Here's a brilliant posting on the Guardian's Comment Is Free site by John Pilger.
Pilger's right- it's high time for the mainstream media to report Blair for what he is- a liar and a war criminal.
We heard more than enough about 'The Butcher of Belgrade'- a man who started no wars: what about a few headlines about 'The Butcher of Downing Street'- a man who has started several.

Blair insults our intelligence
Nothing in the prime minister's speech on terrorism is to be taken seriously.
John Pilger

March 22, 2006 12:05 PM
As one who has interviewed numerous people of power, I have had my intelligence insulted more than once. The scripted inanities, the false sincerity, the deception have been presented to me in various forms: in an interview or an "important speech".
Wisely, Tony Blair does not give interviews to those who might seriously challenge him and prefers instead the "important speech", knowing that it will be amplified throughout the media, as if it is indeed important.
Blair's speech on terrorism yesterday had all the above ingredients; and nothing in it is to be taken seriously, for his singular, transparent aim now is to salvage something from his murderous disaster in Iraq, for his "place in history".
To attempt to analyse his crude justifications is merely to inhale his mendacious hot air, as familiar now as the grey pall on a March day. His use of noble words like "progressives" and "democracy" is merely profane, for he has betrayed all the peoples he refers to: the Afghans, the Palestinians, the Iraqis. It is a very long time since Britain has had such a regressive, undemocratic and criminal prime minister.
Yes, criminal. It is time, surely, that the media "mainstream" began to report Blair for what he is and what a majority of the British people believe he is: a liar who colluded in a rapacious, unprovoked attack on a defenceless country and caused unaccountable death and suffering among tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children.
That truth is proven. So why do those of us paid to keep the record straight continue to afford Blair respectability? A slick spinner in Downing Street has written this turgid, self-regarding, self-pitying, pompous speech, cluttered with the kind of thinktank jargon that Jack Straw has for breakfast. It might have worked a few years ago, but not any more.
I repeat: a majority of the British people (60% according to one poll) regard him as a liar. That's why barely a fifth of those eligible voted for him and his party at the last general election. In describing the "extremism" and terrorism" of others, Blair once more insults our intelligence, for these words describe him.


Miguel said...
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Anonymous said...

Blair has started several wars?

Neil Clark said...

Have you been in a wardrobe since 1997, a?

Neil Clark said...

Dear Mr llaph-goch master-
When have I ever championed the right of the state to 'suppress, imprison and even execute those with contradictory views'?
I support the death penalty for convicted murderers like Ian Huntley and Peter Sutcliffe- not for political opponents!

Miguel said...
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BulgarBrit said...

Sadly, even a so called 'free' and 'liberal' country would react with repression in Belarus' circumstances. That's the reality of state power anywhere - it aims to preserve itself at all costs, especially from powerful foreign powers trying to destroy it. Lukaschenko is even mild by comparison with the US which locks up 100s, possibly 1000s, in Guantanamo and elsewhere.