Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Quick Balkan Quiz

Here's three quotes from Yugoslav politicians.

1.' Socialism, in particular, being a progressive and just society, should not allow people to be divided by national or religious identity'.

2.I would never allow a Serb, Jew or gypsy to marry into my family'

3.'The first and most important lesson from the Koran is the impossibility of any connection between Islamic and non-Islamic systems'

Which one of those statements do you agree with ? Yes, I thought so. Me too. It's by Milosevic.
Which two leaders did the West side with? Yes, the ones who came out with Quotes Two and Three.


Nguyen Van Minh said...

As a reactionary, I must confess to not agreeing with ANY of the statements, but it is illuminating that "we" chose to side with the Islamic fanatic and the unrepentant Nazi.

BTW - Neil, have you seen this link? Guess who was spotted walking into President Izetbegovic's office in 1994!

Neil Clark said...

Yes, I've seen the link. Many thanks. I'm going to post a list of email addresses of Henry Jackson Society signatories who I suggest readers send it to- asking for their comments.