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Monday, February 18, 2008

One U.S. Puppet recognises another!

Guess which has become the first country in the world to recognise 'independent' Kosovo? Yup, it's that oh-so 'independent' country Afghanistan, led by the 'oh-so independent' Hamid Karzai (above).
As the old saying goes, it takes one to know one!


Anonymous said...

It's only fitting Neil - one failed state recognising another.

Unknown said...

occupied territories have no legitimacy of course .
thanks Neil for continually standing up for right and shutting down the wrong and being in geneeral one of the best friends of serbian people

Anonymous said...

If only either Afghanistan or Kosovo were puppet states of the US that might be both better administered and less strife torn. In truth, however, they are, like any state, a complex matrix of competing forces and interests (of which the US interest is one)- and presently in both cases a complex that seems to yield a minimum of well-being to neither to the detriment of all their citizens.

David Lindsay said...

The constitutional status of Berwick is currently attracting attention.

Well, Berwick is a great deal more distinct than Kosovo (or Taiwan - watch that space after Kosovo). Not that that's saying very much, if anything.

Indeed, I am now styling myself David Lindsay MLP, which stands for Member of the Lanchester Parliament.

That body was formerly Lanchester Parish Council. But if Kosovo can declare its Parish Council to be a Parliament, then so can Lanchester.

As, indeed, can absolutely anywhere else at all.

Anonymous said...

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Relating to the Unilateral Proclamation of Independence by the Kosovo Temporary Authorities of Self-Government

The Republic of Belarus believes that the settlement of the Kosovo and Metochia status should progress under international law, based on UN Security Council resolution 1244 (of 1999) which is a fundamental document for the Kosovo settlement certifying the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, and based on the key provisions of the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act, with the essential role of the UN Security Council bearing a predominant responsibility for safeguarding international peace and security.

The Republic of Belarus is convinced that the only way to address tensions and achieve stability in the region is political settlement which comes back down to a negotiation between Belgrade and Priština, with possible involvement of international intermediaries.

Belarus hopes that a mutually acceptable settlement of the Kosovo and Metochia status could be achieved in line with the conventional standards and principles of international law.

Minsk, February 18, 2008