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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blocking Blair: We're making progress

From today's Guardian:

"Tony Blair's hopes of becoming Europe's first president are running into mounting opposition across the EU, with Germany determined to stymie the former prime minister.
A "Stop Blair" website run by pro-Europeans has launched a petition against him; a transnational, cross-party caucus in the European parliament is forming to campaign against a Blair presidency; senior officials in Brussels are privately dismissive about the new post going to a Briton; and senior diplomats in European capitals also doubt that Blair is the right person for the post being created under Europe's new reform treaty.
"There was surprise in Berlin when Blair's name came up so soon," said a European ambassador. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany admires Blair and has "great personal sympathy for Tony", he added.
"But more generally the German political elite would be puzzled by the idea of Tony Blair. His track record on EU matters is not so great. There is unease about a Briton at the top in that job. And then personally with Blair, there's the Iraq thing."

A couple a weeks back I wrote in The Guardian: "The appointment of Blair as president of the European council, with extended powers in the sphere of defence and trade would be the culmination of the neocon dream: to fully neuter Europe as alternative source of global power."

The fact that the campaign to block Blair, and my Guardian article highlighting the dangers of a Blair Presidency, has been attacked by the pro-war newspaper The Wall Street Journal hardly disproves the thesis.

It's too early to claim victory of course, but things are certainly looking very positive.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems Murduoch is still faithful to ( the most neocon englishman), but more importantly, it's a honor for you Neil to gain Mr Murdouch disapproval.