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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

John McCain: Another Nightmare President

He believes Belarus, a country of 10.2m, to be 'a national security threat' to the U.S, the world's biggest superpower. He's made jokes about bombing Iran. He promises to 'stay the course' in Iraq for as long as it takes. He admits he has no real experience in economic affairs.

It beggars belief that such a man should even be in the running for President, let alone be the clear front-runner for the candidacy of one of the leading parties.

Those who thought things couldn't possibly get any worse after Bush, may be in for a rude awakening.


Roland Hulme said...

Utter bunkum.

The bit about him possibly being worse than Bush, that is.

I mean BUSH!!!

He can't even string a sentence together.

McCain's not going to win if Obama gets the Democratic nod. He's winning the heartland by a surprising margin. History in the making.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Roland,
Well, if McCain wins and does attack Iran, I think things will get even worse. Obama's making ground now but a new 9/11 or any similar event could have 'national security' once more up there - cue for McCain to do his 'Bomb, Bomb Iran' routine. We're still a long way off the election and a lot of very powerful people would love to see McCain in the White House.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, he's far and away the most environmentally aware of any of the current Presidential runners - very much including Clinton and Obama.

On balance, he's most unlikely to declare war on Belarus. Or even Iran, for all the sabre-rattling (just how is he going to get that past a Democrat Congress?). But a President who actually recognises that the US must change its behaviour regarding fossil fuels and pollution would make a colossal difference.

Also, Ann Coulter hates him. Which means he must have something going for him!

Anonymous said...

Its was 'bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran' actually.

But thats by the by, McCain is a man who seems to stick to his principles whilst offending the most radical rightwing parts of the republican party without pandering to the insane religious edge.

Whilst your never gonna make a republican fan Neil who would you rather see win out of the current selection of quimbeciles?

Anonymous Pete

Anonymous said...

McCain? I thought he made oven chips.

Neil Clark said...

Anonymous Pete: In answer to your question- out of all the candidates at the start: Dennis Kucinich. Out of all the candidates left now- well, Obama is the least worst. But if Nader enters the race, then I'd support him. Out of the Republic candidates still in the race: Ron Paul, because he's anti-war.

anonymous: I think we'd all be better off if McCain had stuck to making oven chips.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

So is Mr McCain another "neo-con"?

Do you people even know what that word means?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Dennis Kucinich believe in space aliens?

Well, from the point-of-view of people who think that religious conservatives are "insane", I suppose that shouldn't be a bar.

Neil Clark said...

Oliver: If you read the post and the comments no one has called McCain a neocon. What is clear though is that he's the man the neocons would most like to see in the White House out of the remaining candidates.

Douglas said...

For reasons I don't entirely understand, there's something about being a U. S. Senator that makes a person think they should be President, even though the skills and temperment that make a person a good Senator are only incidentally related to the skills and temperment that make a person a good President.

The American people don't seem to agree with the idea that Senators make good Presidents, as the last Senator we elected President was John F. Kennedy in 1960, 47 years ago.

Some people made a big deal in the 2004 election that it was the first time in history that both candidates were members of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones. This election may be the first election for a long time where both candidates are Senators. I think it's a Senatorial plot!

I'm no big McCain fan, but between McCain, Clinton and Obama, McCain is the best choice, in my opinion. Will he be a nightmare president? Hard to say, but I believe he would be a better president if he were to at least pretend to be more jovial and upbeat, instead of angry, cranky and bitter.

@roland hulme - No one in my world is saying "Oh my God, you just gotta vote for Hillary Clinton!" or "Oh my God, you just gotta vote for John McCain!" But people in my world are saying "Oh my God, you just gotta vote for Barack Obama!" I'm nervous about Obama's lack of executive experience, but he has captivated the imagination of many Americans. Obama would beat McCain in a landslide, but McCain might beat Clinton, especially if Clinton wins the nomination by a sleazy, underhanded tactic (winning by superdelegates or seating the Michigan and Florida delegations)

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how many people who are opposed to your beliefs read your blog Neil!

And yes McCain is worse than Bush, because he's a nasty piece of work on his own.

Roland Hulme said...

Oliver, neocon is a made up and entirely overused word. People commonly (incorrectly) use it to describe only the Bush regime. I suggest they wikipedia it to find out how wrong they are (and how the word itself should be retired from the English language.)

Neil, McCain is a blunt but pragmatic man. As a former officer (and POW) he's the safest bet out of all the republicans NOT to launch an unnecessary conflict. He's experienced war first hand. None of the other Republicans have. Bush was sunning himself in Texas while McCain was in a POW camp.

McCain is VERY different from what's gone before. Thank goodness.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Roland,
I like and admire your optimism but
wait to you see my post tomorrow on McCain, if you think he'd be different and wouldn't start wars. I wish you were right, but sadly I don't think you are.
All best,

Karl Naylor said...

The term 'neocon' is overused and has become a pejorative pinned on all kinds of people with dagger like venom because thay might disagree with certain members of tha 'anti-war' left whilst still being against, er, the invasion of Iraq. Or having independent minds and opinions that deviate away from militant left wing orthodoxies.

Yet neoconservative does mean something. It a literal sense it is a nonsenses. How can someone who is a conservative welcome regime change by military expansionism, fanatical notions of progress and the belief that all benighted peoples everywhere are yearning for hamburgers and Nike?

Neoconservative means military force to enforce a neoliberal US style political economy. There is nothing conservative about it.

Have you got that Roland. It isn't so difficult. Neoconservatives are those who react to the disorders of modernity , and in particular neoliberal chaos and the consequences of a violent. atomised society, by prescribing EXACTLY the same economic policies and PR brainwashing .

The clever thing is to do this whilst pretending to take a hardline on crime and all manner of social evils that arise in the first place from the very deracinating economic policies promoted.