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Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh what a tangled web....

'Shlick' makes the following observation on the comments thread to John Williams' execrable piece of lying propaganda, which appeared in today's Guardian:


February 18, 2008 2:42 PM
John Williams from his defence plea ie. the above article -

"I still find it hard to understand why a dictator who had possessed and used illegal weapons SHOULD HAVE CONTINUED PRETENDING HE STILL HAD THEM, up to the point when his deception cost him his job and his life."

Tony Blair from his foreward to the Iraq 'dossier' -

"DESPITE HIS DENIALS Saddam Hussein is continueing to develop WMD."

O what a tangled web of deceit, where the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, because Saddam Hussein had never, ever lied about WMDs in the past, had never developed them, and certainly would never have dreamed of actually using them. And neither did he invade any neighbouring countries, nor did he order the deaths of anyone ever.

In fact, no-one died of anything other than old age prior to March 2003, after which every single death can be squarely blamed on the Americans.

Would that be a fair interpretation of the thrust of your argument?

Anonymous said...

Saddam has denied having any WMD, he always repeated the fact he has destroyed them in accordance with the UN resolutions.

The same UN resolutions said, sanctions will not be lifted until Iraq destroy it's weapons, pay compensation and recognize the drafted borders with Kuwait.

The west has always claimed the existence of WMD, in order no to lift the sanctions in accordance with the UN resolutions.

Even Tony Blair has confirmed that Saddam has denied having any WMD ( as you quoted him Neil)

The lie of Saddams pretending to have WMD had been created after the occupation, in order not to blame the western intelligence.

In other words, All Saddams faults. when the west said he has weapons, it was him who mislead our excellent intelligence services.

The most bizarre lie I ever heard, was attributed to a news presenter and journalist,
( won't mention his name lest you delete this Neil; although his name resembles a
Fast food chain), after interviewing Saddam he said: people around him were so frightened that no one dares to tell Saddam WMD no longer exists!!!!

a lie couldn't even occur to Blair.

Anonymous said...


John doesn't understand. Tony didn't want to. Start here at paragraph 10. It explains everything about recent Iraqi history. A president's bluff called, some missing weapons, sanctions, inspections, another president's 'explicit objective', war as revenge and retribution.

As you say: "Oh what a tangled web...."