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Thursday, February 07, 2008

How we can stop The Bliar: Sign the Petition

Many thanks to those who have emailed in or left comments on my post about the urgent need to thwart the neocon plans and stop The Bliar from becoming European President.
Commenters Mara Mn from Portugal and Afow from France point out that there is already a petition which European citizens can sign to express their complete opposition to Blair becoming EU President. You can sign it here.
If we all work together on this one, we can prevent the neo-cons' puppet from ending up as the most powerful person on the Continent. And then, once we've done that, let's make sure that the man with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands ends up somewhere far more appropriate.


Nick said...

Been there, done that, thanks for the pointer. (Bloody hell, I simply can't cope with the idea of that evil, grabbing bastard being in charge of anything - even a whelk stall - ever again.)

Karl Naylor said...

Just signed it as well. But I don't think Blair has much of a chance. Sorry for the language here, but why can't this annoying and obsessive ham actor just have even the minimal dencency to fuck off the world stage for good.

The man , with his shrill little schoolboy prattle , is a national embarrassment and the quicker he gets out of public life, the better.

Both Blair's specific politics and the reduction of the political process in general to the role of a messianic orator tapping into the 'real needs' of 'the people' , that is PR, has destroyed British democracy and discredited Britain abroad.

I warned people in 1997 that he would be a catastrophe because of the style of his politics always threatening no just to conceal the substance of policies but more that it was about a delusional remoulding of reality, not least Britain's real role in the world.

If only I had been on the internet then.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Nick/Karl,
Thanks for writing in and signing. Please do all you can to spread the word about the petition among the good citizens of NL and Hungary!
All best,