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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lead Balloons and Hitting Rock Bottom

There are good newspaper cartoonists. There are very good newspaper cartoonists. And then there is Steve Bell.


Karl Naylor said...

Not so sure I agree. Since when has Steve Bell satirised Islamism or other crackpot fanaticisms other than the American variety ? Now that WOULD take courage. Cartoonists are often smug individuals who get their politics wrong too. Bush is an easy target appealing to in- group smugness.

One need only think of David Low's revolting caricature of the deperately courageous Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and defense of the Soviet war effort against the quarellsome and ungratetful Poles of the Home Army whose country had only been partitioned with the full connivance of Stalin 5 years previous.

Likewise it is easy to satirise Bush warbling about freedom for Cuba whilst showing him prating about it from Guantanamo Bay. So Casto's imprisonment and persecution of dissidents does not count then so long as cheap pot shots can be taken at Bush.

Anonymous said...

Bush deserves all "shots", cheap or otherwise! He is mass murderer and an evil, evil man!