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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blair, EU President? Non, merci.

This article of mine appears on the Guardian's Comment is Free site.

Ever since he attended his first Bilderberg conference in 1993, Tony Blair has never disappointed his powerful masters. He transformed Labour from a social democratic/democratic socialist party pledged to extend public ownership and reducing inequalities into a privatising, pro-big business party that was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich".

He took his country into a series of illegal and brutal wars- boosting corporate profits and helping to open up new markets for global capital.

Of course, for pursuing his neo-liberal, neocon agenda so religiously Blair has been richly rewarded.

But now, one thing more is required of the former British Prime Minister.

The appointment of Blair as President of the European Council, with extended powers in the sphere of defence and trade would be the culmination of the neocon dream: to fully neuter Europe as alternative source of global power. The election of Nikolas Sarkozy has already neutered France, traditionally the main European source of opposition to Pax Americana; the appointment of Blair as EU President would be the final piece of the jigsaw. But while Blair's appointment would be a dream come true for the Empire builders of the PNAC, for the rest of the world, it would be a nightmare, making European involvement in US illegal wars of aggression far more likely. With its own military forces overstretched and its economy faltering, the US desperately needs the EU to fall into line, and for European troops to be sent- in their thousands- to die on the front line.

We must not let it happen.

What is urgently required is a grass roots pan-European campaign to mobilise opposition to Blair‘s candidacy.

In all my regular visits to mainland Europe I have yet to meet anyone who expressed anything but loathing for the warmongering former British PM. I’m sure that if there was a public opinion poll as to the most unpopular politician on the continent, Blair would win by a landslide, so as blogger Mick Hall (Organised Rage) points out- the very thought of him even being considered for the top job in Europe is insulting in the extreme.

Although the decision on who will be the EU’s new President will not be taken directly by Europe‘s people, an anti-Blair petition, signed by millions and delivered to Brussels, in full media spotlight, would I’m sure, help concentrate the minds of EU leaders who are sure to come under intense lobbying from big business, the think tanks they finance and the State Department to get their man in the chair. And on top of that, why not organise public demonstrations every time Blair is due to speak in Europe? Let’s bring home to Blair and his tiny band of powerful backers, the revulsion that the vast majority of ordinary Europeans feel towards him.

Stopping Blair from becoming EU President is a noble cause.

And once we’ve achieved that, let’s make sure the man with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands ends up somewhere far more appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Great article. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Damn right! Neil, I'd like to see you do something on the European defence initiative. It's something I see snippets about occasionally; it apparently includes bringing France's nuclear deterrent under Nato(i.e. US)control. I gathered that this was meeting some resistance but it's likely to advance under quisling Sarkozy. To me, this is the last vestige of independence, or even hope of independence, as an alternative power centre for Europe. If we're defenceless, we do as we're told. I doubt that that affects our elites anymore really, with their stateless capital; but it diminishes even further the prospect of the people taking control. I'm not a fan of CND; I'm against Trident, but I'm FOR a genuinely independent UK nuclear deterrent, or possibly some collaboration with France and Germany (outside of the EU, from which we should withdraw), as long as it left us with independent control over our own weapons. I realise that this is an unpopular position on the left, but it seems to me that the alternative is just passively waiting for a worker's revolution in the USA. I don't find it unthinkable that any genuinely independent,democratic movement in Europe could be met with a (plausibly deniable) nuclear assault from Israel under a mask of ' it's happening again'.

Anonymous said...

"...any genuinely independent,democratic movement in Europe could be met with a (plausibly deniable) nuclear assault from Israel under a mask of ' it's happening again'".

Jock, why do you believe Israel would as you appear to be implying, launch a first-strike nuclear attack against a truly "independent, democratic Europe"?

Please explain your position by giving us valid reasons why you think Israel - of all the various nuclear armed nations in the world - would attack Europe in a nuclear first strike, instead of say nuclear armed countries like North Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Russia or even the US?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Jock. Yes, I will be doing something on the European Defence initiative. What we could do with CDG returning from the grave to lead France again!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic artcle!!! Check out Endgame by Alex Jones people!!!