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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cast your votes for the White House now!

I've always been a strong supporter of direct democracy, so why not have a little some of it on this blog? Each week, we'll have a different poll on a matter of topical interest. To kick off: who would get your vote for US President?
Do you think Obama really will change things? Or are you a McCain man/woman? (I sincerely hope not...) Perhaps you think Ron Paul is the man American needs. Or, despite all this blog's warnings, you still favour Hilary the Hawk? And of course, there's always Ralph Nader, who may still decide to stand. And we musn't forget Mike Huckabee. And of course, you might think, in the words of the immortal Terry-Thomas, that they're all an "absolute shower".

Cast your votes now, ladies and gentlemen!
And may the best man, or woman win (so long as it's not Hilary!)

UPDATE: There appears to be technical problems with the poll- votes are simply not being recorded. I've taken the voting box down and will try and get it sorted and posted back up asap.


Anonymous said...

Neil, I wouldn't bother with a US politics poll. Big Business will win whoever the candidate is. Why not a poll on something more interesting, such as what year will the first Macdonalds open in Cuba?

Neil Clark said...

There already is a Macdonalds in Cuba- on Guantanamo Bay.
re the big business factor- I totally agree, but Nader couldn't be said to be a big business stooge, neither could Ron Paul. About 35% of this blog's readership is based in the US, so I thought the US election would be a good one to kick off with, provided the voting box works properly!

Neil Clark said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't know Neil, for me it seems all Henry Ford choices..

Douglas said...

I hate to say it, but America wants to go back to the simpler times of the 90's, when we were more worried about Monica Lewinsky's blue dress than the Serbs getting bombed. Never mind that we can't, we want to all the same.

On the other hand, America seems to have had enough of the Bush-Clinton duo-dynasty. Michael Barone (an expert on the subject)described it as a season of shifting loyalties, "open field politics" where both politicians and constituencies are forming new coalitions and alliances.

I have disagreed with McCain on many things over the past few years. I believe the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law was a truly bad idea. I'm not crazy about what McCain has said about Supreme Court Justice Samual Alito. And McCain's immigration bill, cooked up in smoke-filled rooms in the dead of night was only defeated after an uproar from talk radio shows and their listeners.

That having been said, I'm going to vote for John McCain, because the country is at war with Islamofascism, Islamic totalitarianism, Jihadism, Caliphatism, call it what you will. McCain gets it, and Obama doesn't.

Will the country figure that out before the election? Hard to say.

David Lindsay said...

John McCain may have had a crass outburst, but would he really bomb Iran? Hardened old veterans like the decorated Jacques Chirac know better than to go around shooting up the world. That's done by draft dodgers like Clinton and Bush. So all eyes are now on Barack Obama's choice of running mate.

It says a great deal for Obama that he is supported by Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. ow that, right there on the Potomac, Obama has proved his ability to bring on board the women, Latinos and white working-class people who had previously rallied to Billary, he should crown that achievement by announcing now that his Vice-Presidential nominee would be, if not John Edwards, then Jim Webb.

Indeed, since the supporters of Edwards will vote for Obama anyway, he might well find even more useful the man who staunchly opposes the Iraq War from the perspective of Reagan's old Navy Secretary (and a continuing advocate of re-building the US Navy), the economic populist who wrote 'How We Scotch-Irish Built America'.

If McCain picks Huckabee, then this might not matter. But if he picks Giuliani or Lieberman, then it certainly will.

Anonymous said...

I am planning to vote for Hillary Clinton and have contributed to her campaign. I'm not happy about her vote on Iraq, but I think her position has evolved over the years. I think she really has the means to withdraw our troops in a quick yet sensible manner. I think that she has a good sense of the world, which to me is so important for the future. She also wants to take sensible steps forward to provide health care for every American and understands the tragedies that occur every day to people with no health care.

I am not comfortable with dynasties in the U.S., but I strongly feel that this Clinton would be the best of the Clinton-Bush line (not hard to beat 'W' granted, but better than her husband). She's focused, experienced, and a strong leader.

I know this sounds like a campaign release, but I just feel so deeply that she is the best choice for America and the world right now.