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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Democracy: Henry Ford style

What do you make of the latest news from Serbia?

The Serbian foreign minister surprised reporters today when he said that his country would accept any US President provided he/she was not "the candidate of the ultra-nationalist Republican party".

According to the minister, the Republican party should be precluded from office, regardless of the level of public support, on account of its belligerent foreign policy stance and the fact that its leading figure, George W. Bush, who launched an illegal war against Iraq in 2003, is a "war criminal".

The Serbian foreign minister also cited provocative pro-war statements of several leading members of the party, including John "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran" McCain and Dick Cheney.

The US, faced with pressure from other European countries over the presence of Republicans in government, is set to cave in and remove members of the party from all public offices.

Well of course, the above didn't happen.

But what has been happening over the past week is that the US and the EU have made it quite clear of the consequences which would follow if the Serbs decided to elect the Radical Party's Tomislav Nikolic (above), a man they describe as "ultra nationalist", as their country's new President this weekend. If Serbia does not vote the 'right way', the country faces 'isolation' and will be treated as 'the Belarus of Europe', western officials have warned.

Why is it acceptable for the US and EU to bully other countries as to who they elect as President? By what authority do the US and EU act? It can't be from moral superiority: when it comes to contravening international law, war-mongering, "ultra-nationalism" and human rights, the US has a far worse record than the countries it is lecturing. EU governments may have a better recent record, even allowing for the blind eye they turned to the CIA's rendition flights, but even so, their ultimatums to other countries also leave a bad taste in the mouth, particularly when the country is one which has suffered enough at the hands of foreign meddling. Would Yugoslavia have broken up in the first place without the encouragement that the EU, and in particular, Germany, gave to Slovenia and Croatia?

We've heard some ludicrous statements this past week about the Serbian elections, not least the claim that it would be a blow for 'democracy' if Nikolic, leader of the most popular party in Serbia won, and a victory for 'democracy' if Boris Tadic, a man who has said that he will 'not allow' his opponent to win, succeeds.

I've long argued that when NWO figures talk of 'democracy' what they're really referring to is Henry Ford democracy- the right of countries to vote in whichever colour government/President they like so long they kowtow to the west's hegemonic interests.

The US/EU interventions in Serbia's Presidential elections hardly disproves the thesis.


Anonymous said...

Watch Euronews and see the bias on there.

The EU has promised that if they vote one way this, this and this will happen. And if they vote the other way the West will not be happy.

So the EU are the benefactors while the West (i.e. the US) and the punishers.

See the way the blame is going.

Now they've won the tennis, I hope the Serbians vote independent. Tell the EU to fuck off, the US they don't give a shit. And tell the Russians, if you're around ok then, if not, you can fuck off to.

Anonymous said...

Being the Belarus of Europe sounds quite an attractive fate - it's a fate we British could only dream about.

Martin Meenagh said...

I thought Belarus was the Belarus of Europe. Silly me!

Anonymous said...

You're onto something there, Martin.