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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Just Cause

The Times reports:

"Two grieving mothers whose sons were killed fighting for the British army in Iraq took their long-running battle to force a public inquiry into the legality of the war to the House of Lords this morning.
Lawyers for Beverley Clarke and Rose Gentle will argue before an enlarged panel of nine law lords that the Government is obligated to hold an independent review of the decision to go to war under Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), which protects the "right to life".
They will argue that the Government is bound by the convention to safeguard soldiers' lives by not sending them to fight in an illegal war. If the mothers win their appeal, it could result in Tony Blair, Lord Goldsmith, QC, the former Attorney-General, and Geoff Hoon, the former defence minister, called upon to give evidence in public"

Let's wish Beverley Clarke and Rose Gentle all the very best in their campaign. The job of British soldiers is to defend the realm- and not to take part in illegal invasions of sovereign states at the behest of Washington's neoconservatives.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the case is nonsense -- if soldiers have a "right to life" that contradicts the authority of the government to send them into warzones where they might die, then there can be no army. Admittedly this is indeed the practical situation that much of Europe has placed itself, but Britain is a serious country, unlike those others.

Neil Clark said...

'Admittedly this is the practical situation that much of Europe has placed itself'
Britain is also a signatory to the ECHR.

WeirdSites said...
I see you are an anti war (liberal?)
But the Iraq war is necessary and keeps america safe. Britain too.