Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Neo-Con Lie Machine Marches On

Compare these two positions:

1. "The security situation in Iraq is improving by the day. Don't believe what the doom and gloom anti-war lefties are telling you- the country is not in crisis- the US/UK occupation is popular and the majority of Iraqis are elated that their country has been 'liberated'. The Iraqi resistance has little support and is widely despised by the Iraqi people. And the vast majority of Iraqi people don't want to see British and American troops leave."

2. "We URGENTLY need to write to our MPs so that Iraqis who worked for the British forces can be granted asylum. They're in real danger of their lives because the Iraqis hate them for working with the occupying forces."

Both are positions that are currently being put forward by the neo-cons and their 'pro-war anti-war' allies. But as I'm sure you'll agree, they are, how shall we put it?- rather contradictory. So which is it lads? If Iraq really is as safe as you say it now is, and the 'liberation' is so popular, why all the hysterical posts on your blogs about the need for us to write to our MPs in order to get asylum for Iraqis who worked for the occupiers?

Surely, if the 'liberation' of Iraq is as popular as you maintain, those who helped the 'liberators' would be regarded as heroes and in no need of asylum?


Roland Hulme said...

He he. That's a pretty good post there, Neil. Although it would only take a couple of disgruntled terrorists to 'pop a cap' in some of the translators.

I mean, we live in a 'civilised' country and still had home grown terrorists blowing themselves up in the London Underground.

Iraq can be as civilised or policed as you like, but there will always be a tiny, tiny number of nutjob fundementalist murderers who will seek to 'make an example' of the people who helped the American and British troops.

Just look as 'Salmon' Rushie. He lives in 'safe' old blighty, but has still been in hiding for the last decade or so.

You've twisted the facts here - but you've done it pretty slickly, so hats off to you.

John Gray said...

Things are getting better in Iraq and for what ever reason only complete **** wouldn't welcome any improvements.

malpas said...

When body armour is not de rigour for americans in iraque then we will know.