Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Clive Dunn

Here's the latest in our series of videos of hits from Christmas time in years gone past.

Today, our Tardis takes us back to December 1971. It's the decade of detente and greater cooperation between East and West, much to the disgust of Henry 'Scoop' Jackson and his fellow neocons. In Britain, Ted Heath leads a Tory government that is far to the left of New Labour (admittedly that's not too difficult). Britain is still just a year away from joining the EEC, and surrendering much sovereignty, but has just adopted decimalisation.

And riding high in the charts:
it's Clive Dunn and 'Grandad'.



Anonymous said...

I love that song. I love it unironically, unnostalgically and utterly authentically. It's half-demented, but brilliant.

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

I couldn't agree more. It's a great tune. I'm really bored by the 'I'm so cool and trendy' type of music journalist/tv presenter who always feels obliged to label it as the worst Number One record of all time. As far as 'Grandad' is concerned there are two kinds of people: those who admit they love it- and bloody liars.