Friday, December 07, 2007

No Nukes is Bad Nukes

Speaking at an emergency press conference called 37 minutes ago in the White House, President Bush announced that air, sea and land elements of a massive US invasion force are being assembled in the Persian Gulf and on Iran's western borders.
Citing Monday's national intelligence estimate that established "beyond the shadow of a doubt" that since 2003 Iran has developed a massive arsenal of non-existent nuclear weapons, Bush said he had no option but declare immediate pre-emptive war on the obstinate regime in Tehran.
"The complete absence of evidence that Iran has hostile intentions towards the west is the most conclusive evidence we have yet seen that Iran has hostile intentions towards the west." said the President, adding that the report's lack of any indication that Iranians are working on long-range delivery systems for their non-existent nukes can only mean that they are.

Get along down to Comment is Free and read the rest of Tony Hendra's brilliant piece lampooning the neocon reaction to this week's news that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. If there's a funnier piece that has ever been posted on the Guardian's website, I haven't seen it.


Douglas said...

Do you believe Iran is not working to destabilize the existing Iraqi government?

Do you believe that Iran is not involved in training, funding and supplying parties who are killing American soldiers?

Did Ahmadinejad just say all those things about destroying Israel to upset us?

I've started reading your blog after you won the 2007 Best UK Blog Award. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know Neil. Your own piece where you repeatedly congratulated yourself on being the best blogger in the UK, whilst lambasting other bloggers for their smug and self-satisfied nature was an absolute hoot.

Are you going to refuse to publish this comment as well, just like you refused to publish three of my comments on a previous post of yours that were less than kind to you? Your decision is all the more amusing when I see that you allowed another comment through hailing you for having the guts to publish comments that are critical of you. If you publish this comment I will gladly donate £10 to a charity of your choice.

Neil Clark said...

Here's the charity:

Neil Clark said...

ps I did not 'repeatedly congratulate' myself for being best blogger in the uk. I repeatedly thanked people for voting for me.
the award certainly seems to have made a few arrogant and conceited people very upset.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas, Pleased to have you with us.

With respect, I think you're trying to move the goalposts. For the last couple of years the neocons have told us Iran had a nuclear weapons programme. Now we know that they don't. So it really isn't on to start talking about other issues.
The country that has destabilised Iraq is not Iran but Britain and the US. Iraq was prettty stable up to March '03 I think you'll find. For Britain and the US to acuse others of destabilising Iraq is
incredibly hypocritical.
I haven't seen any credible evidence that Iran is involved in training, funding and supplying parties who are killing American soldiers. Have you? I hold to the old fashioned notion that people- and countries- are innocent until proven guilty.

Ahmadinejad didn't say he wanted to destroy Israel, he said that he wanted 'the regime' which currently occupies Jerusalem to be destroyed. The quote was mistranslated. But I have made it clear lots of times that I don't support such statements; if you can come up with a quote from Ahmadinejad where he has said he wants Israel 'destroyed' and I've missed it, then of course I don't support that. Have a look at my Australian piece on Iran to read my views of Ahmadinejad's rhetoric on Israel. I also think that it was wrong that he held a conference questioning the holocaust.

Thanks for your congratulations.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you told us it was a spoof and who wrote it, because I'm sure if you had just posted the piece I would have thought it was Oliver Kamm again, trying to be serious.

Anonymous said...

Neil, I am a man of my word and will send a cheque (I would donate online, but am having problems with their form, which doesn't seem to allow enough characters ot enter my card number).

I note you still haven't published my other comments. Perhaps I should have included a bribe with them as well?

Congratulations on your prestigious title of Best Uk Blogger 2007.

Unknown said...

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