Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Praise of Memory Man, Ben Pridmore

On Wednesday I posted on the unintentionally hilarious performance of a rather forgetful 'Mr Memory' on the BBC tv programme Blue Peter and how I'd be posting a You Tube recording of the event as soon as one became available. Well, the Memory Man himself, Ben Pridmore has written in, (he's left a comment on the original thread) to say that he will try and get a copy of his Blue Peter appearance on to You Tube.
Ben, as you can see by looking at his record in international contests, here and here, is a world class memory man (he was the 2004 World Memory Champion). Clearly his Blue Peter performance was a one-off, though he does say that he is better at memorising numbers rather than names. But as brilliant a Memory Man he undoubtedly is, by volunteering to get a You Tube recording of his most embarrassing tv moment, Ben has also shown that he is also something far more important. Someone who is able to laugh at himself. More power to you Ben, your reaction to Wednesday's performance shows what a real star you are.


Anonymous said...

Ben has also shown that he is also something far more important. Someone who is able to laugh at himself.

I entirely agree with you and applaud your sentiments.

But I'm racking my brains trying to think of a single example of you laughing at yourself (and thereby practicing what you're preaching), and I've drawn a complete blank.

Can you jog my memory?

Roland Hulme said...

Great post, Neil. Mr Pridmore is a trooper.

Neil Clark said...

I think spitzbergen, that if i didn't have a sense of humour and couldn't laugh at myself i would have deleted the comments thread headed by 'nadim' the 'spambot' a couple of years ago, a long while back- as no doubt quite a few other bloggers would have done.

Roland Hulme said...

You're on good form today, Neil. Touché.

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

thanks, Roland.
Spitzbergen: I won't be publishing any more of your comments as your IP address is the same as someone who has sent through nasty and malicious personal attacks in the past.
You're a troll and if you want to post, then by all means do it in your own name as Roland does.
I welcome debate and indeed criticism of my views here, but not by those who clearly have ulterior motives.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment Neil. I think he's lovely too - but then I'm his mother. Stay cool.