Thursday, November 29, 2007

David Cameron: Neo-Con Warmonger

Back in the autumn of 2005, I was, as far as I'm aware, the first British commentator to draw attention to prospective Conservative Party leader David Cameron's neo-con connections. At that time, the standard line across the British media was that Dave was in some way a 'moderate'. But as I highlighted in my Guardian article here, there really is nothing moderate whatsoever about the MP for Witney.

Today in America Cameron made a bellicose warmongering speech accusing Russia of stoking up tensions in the Balkans, and claimed that Russia's support for Serbia over the issue of Kosovo poses "a direct threat to our security".

What utter neo-con tripe.

The country which has been stoking up tensions in the Balkans is not Russia, but the US, in its fanaticism to establish an independent state of Kosovo. The separation of Kosovo from Serbia is only the latest step in the U.S's plan to dismember the former Yugoslavia: I won't say its the last step, because if Kosovo is stolen from Serbia, then we can soon expect to see the US aggressively championing the cause of an independent state of Voyvodinya, the area of northern Serbia where there is a Hungarian minority. Russia, quite correctly is saying a very firm 'Nyet' to all this nonsense and refuses to be bullied by the Empire's threats. And for standing up to the neocon bully boys, Serbia and Russia are predictably being labelled the 'aggressors'.

To say that Britain's national interests are threatened by Russia's support for Serbian sovereignty is a colossal deceit. In this dispute Britain should be siding with Serbia and Russia, two historical allies who supported our country in two world wars, and any truly patriotic British government- or patriotic opposition leader- should be making quite clear that we oppose the illegal seizure from Serbia of its historic territory.

But at least Cameron's intervention should alert British voters to the sad reality. Both our major parties are in the grips of neocon warmongers, whose first loyalties are not to Britain and the British people, but to the cause of Pax Americana.


Anonymous said...

This is what he says in a piece in the Guardian : ""A lawless space in the Balkans would be ideal ground for al-Qaida and others," he warned. "So preserving and enhancing stability in the Balkans is not just a moral imperative. It is fundamental to our national security."

How uninformed is this man!?!?! That's exactly what Kosovo and Bosnia have been since their "liberation"

Organized Rage. said...

Neil a very timely post, I feel many of us on the Left have neglected Cameron, he is a nasty piece of work, as to are most of the people around him.

It is very telling that NL have not come at Cameron as there are many pegs for them to hang any attacks on. The problem they have is that they differ very little with him on a whole raft of policies.

Anonymous said...

The prime difference between Kosovo and Vojvodina being, of course, that Vojvodina has a Hungarian minority (a little over 14% of the population) and that there is little desire for independence (see, for instance, this) and that Kosovo has a Kosovar Albanian majority (in excess of 90%) that overwhelmingly desires independence.

So Neil, do you always champion state sovereignty over national self-determination or is it just when you happen to side with the states in question?