Saturday, December 08, 2007

Why Kosovo matters

"Globalisation began its advance in Kosovo in 1999. Let us all hope that 2008 marks its final demise. There can be nowhere more fitting for that final death knell than Kosovo, where it all began."

You can read more of The Exile's thoughts on the Kosovo crisis and its global significance here and here.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a good idea to have links to the Exile. he don't know how to disagree with others.
You use your pen and brain in discussions, he used other tools.

Neil Clark said...

Hi computaa: all blogs are different and all bloggers have different styles too. The Exile is a brilliant blogger, who is passionately anti-war and anti-imperialist. He doesn't skirt around the edges but gets right down to the main issues. I think if you read his blog for a period of time, you'll see that he talks an awful lot of sense. He was right on the Balkans and right on Iraq too. I'm sorry you clashed with him, but consider this. The Exile is always ready to engage with those who disagree with him, and publish hostile comments on his blog unlike some pro-war bloggers who don't even allow comments on their sites.
Best wishes,

Roland Hulme said...

The Exile does publish, uncensored and unfettered, all comments on his blog - and if he disagrees with them, he'll let them know in no uncertain terms.

What about people who claim to allow free commenting, but in reality edit or refuse to publish certain comments on their sites, Neil?

I'm sure you'd agree with me that we'd rather have bloggers who don't have ANY commenting options than a blogger who utilises a misleading and manipulative policy of rewording or ignoring comments that he doesn't agree with.

After all, censorship is the last refuge of those who have something to hide!

I'm sure you agree with me, Neil - semper fideles!

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

roland: I've only edited one of your comments, to take out defamatory content at the end. And I said it was edited when I reposted it. I've published every one of your comments (and most if not all of them are critical), except one last week when you posted defamatory allegations about me from a third party. I think the owner of a blog is quite within his/her rights not to allow defamatory comments about him/herself be made on his/her blog, don't you?
You are extremely welcome to post your comments here, to criticise and argue with my posts as much as you wish.
"I'm sure you'd agree with me that we'd rather have bloggers who don't have ANY commenting options"

Would we? Blogging should be about a two way communication of views: blogs that don't allow comments are just monologues.

You'd be interested to know that many friends ask me why I allow pro-war, pro-neocon comments to be published at all- they say that the pro-war side have enough outlets in the mainstream media and on the blogosphere to give them a voice here.

So you can't really please everybody.

Roland Hulme said...

"Blogging should be about a two way communication of views: blogs that don't allow comments are just monologues."

Absolutely true, Neil! Although you've broken your own rules by making 'defamatory' allegations out another blogger (whether true or not) and then refusing to print, address or even acknowledge their side of the story (which I repeated, but didn't necessarily agree with.)

But I guess there's nothing drearier than endless feuds between bloggers! So maybe you're sparing us from a bloody slanging match.

Let's just concentrate on the important issues (like Putin grooming a puppet as his replacement and the British secret service disputing the CIA's claims that all is well with Iran's nukes)

And in closing, I will admit that many of my comments have been highly critical - but you've always dealt with them with surprising good grace. Good for you.