Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who deserves to rot in Hell, Timothy?

EU-fanatic Timothy Garton-Ash, is shall we say, hardly a reliable source when it comes to recent Balkan history. He was, after all, the man who wrote last year:

"One of the most supremely ludicrous moments in recent European history came in 1991, when Jacques Poos hurried to inform the Slovenes, then trying to break away from Slobodan Milosevic's Yugoslavia, that small countries had no future in Europe".

What was "supremely ludicrous" was that in 1991, Slobodan Milosevic was not the leader of Yugoslavia (Ante Markovic was), and the Guardian had to print a correction after the Professor of European Studies' article.

Today, Garton-Ash is at it again. Perhaps still smarting for not being allowed to blame Milosevic for a war he had no part in, he now blames the former Yugoslav President for what he believes will be Serbia's imminent loss of Kosovo.

"The single human being most responsible for this Serbian loss is Slobodan Milosevic - may he rot in hell",
Garton-Ash snarls.

Well, Timothy, sorry to disappoint you but I very much doubt if Slobodan Milosevic is rotting in Hell at this present time, not unless The Almighty deems the "crime" of trying to run an independent, socialist economy in Europe in the 1990s worthy of a trip down below. (And, if you saw any evidence that Milosevic was guilty of crimes worthy of being sent to Hell during his four year show trial at the Hague, then please send them to me, because I certainly didn't see any, and unlike you I hold to that quaint old-fashioned notion that a man is innocent until proven guilty).

No, Timothy, if you're looking for people responsible for the current Kosovo crisis, you've picked the wrong man once again. The real culprits are those western meddlers who, in order to break-up Yugoslavia and destabilise Milosevic's unreconstructed socialist government in Belgrade, sided with the fanatical separatist, gun-running, drug-dealing terrorists of the KLA.

One of the most malevolent of all the western actors in the recent history of Kosovo was the former US envoy Richard Holbrooke, described so memorably, and so accurately, by Svetlana on Byzantine Sacred Art blog as "a violent, belligerent asshole", (and seen above with one of his beloved KLA 'freedom fighters') and a man who will, I'm sure, end up in Hell, if such a place does indeed exist. But while Holbrooke will be able to meet Pol Pot, Admiral Tojo, Adolf Hitler, General Franco and Genghis Khan and renew associations with Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Madeline 'the death of half a million Iraqi children from sanctions is a price worth paying' Albright and his other warmongering necon/'liberal' interventionist chums; I'll lay odds of 1-20 that he won't catch sight of Slobo.


Anonymous said...

unlike you I hold to that quaint old-fashioned notion that a man is innocent until proven guilty

Unless his name's Oliver Kamm, eh Neil?

Anonymous said...

There was no Kosovo crisis in 1996 until the US came along and started stirring things up. Yet the propaganda against Milosevic has been so unrelenting that most people hold him responsible.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Serbian Canadian, I could barely read that crap from this zionist liberal hack. So I gather they are trying for a quick solution to their problem of their own making that only satisfies them, sort of like any solution in Iraq that guarantees imperial occupation of segregated areas . Divide and concquer is an old trick, surely older than this hack but it has many ways of working and it sure can blow in one's face if they push it hard enough , not to mention act arrogantly , lie teneciously and the rest of it. Overall that text is based not on facts, reason but typically neoliberal/neocon appeal to emotion, quick solutions, whitewashed fairy tales. Thanks again Neil, for exposing this for all to see

Anonymous said...

Let's not leave Oliver 'the web-bigot' Kamm's name off of the list for a (likely) one way ticket to hell.

Okay, so that little pile of poop is small fry compared to the scum you mentioned. However - by his own admission - he is an atheist.

So in a way it's official: Kamm IS on his way to Hell...

Anonymous said...

Kamm is feeling the pressure definitely. In his latest post he pooh-pooh-ed Ed Herman and David Petersen's observation that Milosevic never made a single speech calling for the annhilation of any ethnic group by referring to a radio interview with Ed Vulliamy in which the latter talks about Serbian atrocities in Bosnia.

The only problem is that Vulliamy had nothing to say about Milosevic. But that is how Kamm argues. Serbs committed atrocities therefore Milosevic is guilty of genocide. How naive to believe that one needs concrete evidence like speeches and written orders when the perfect substitute of militant liberal outrage is readily available.

TGA is another fool. He of course wants us to think that he gives a damn about the Serbs. If he did then he would be arguing for the same right of secession for the Bosnian Serbs. But no. TGA merely weeps a tear for the wonderful Serbo-Byzantine churches and then it's off to the Republic of Kosova independence jamboree hosted by the KLA gangster Thaci.

But the stakes are different this time because Putin is behind the Serbs, not the drunkard Yelstin. The outcome could be a shock for the West.

Neil Clark said...

first anonymous: while I'll lay odds of 1-20 that Holbrooke won't see Slobo in hell, I'll lay odds of 1-200 that Kamm will end up there. Not merely because of the incredibly malicious way he tried to destroy the career of a journalist for committing the 'crime' of critically reviewing a book he had written, but for the way he has propagandised, in the most deceitful way, for illegal wars of aggression.

second anonymous: totally agreed.

Anonymous said...

first anonymous: while I'll lay odds of 1-20 that Holbrooke won't see Slobo in hell, I'll lay odds of 1-200 that Kamm will end up there.

Interesting odds, Neil. Tell me, how would we ever know who's won the bet?

Neil Clark said...

conrad poohs: no, the principles applies to him to. Even if we leave out the activities of 'Mr George Courtenay', the mysterious non-existent person whose only internet activity was to defend Kamm on the website 'Ministry of Truth' and then to email a nasty poison letter about me to one of my commissioning editors, linking to Kamm's smears and ccing the email to Kamm; even if we leave out the activities of 'Elena Zamm', who spent night after night trashing my wikiepdia page, (Zamm only edited two other wiki pages, Kamm's and Kamm's mother, editing those rather more charitably than my page!!), and even if we leave out the other annoymous/pseudonymous individuals who link to Kamm's defamatory comments about me on websites whenever my work appears; Kamm has, in his own name spent two years, defaming and smearing me not just on his own website but on lots of other websites too (and has also wrote a letter of complaint to the Readers' Editor of the Guardian about me; a complaint, I should add that was rejected). Have a look in your dictionary at the word harassment- it is defined in mine as "vex by repeated attacks". Kamm's attacks have been repeated, almost daily- and they clearly constitute harassment.

If you don't know about George Courtenay and Elena Zamm then put the names in the search engine of this blog.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note than ElenaZam didn't edit anything at all on wikipedia from 8 June until 28 November after Neil had mentioned her on 22 November. Some more edits have occurred yesterday.

This was the nearest I could find for a real person called ElenaZam

Neil Clark said...

phildav: how very interesting!
elena zamm's numerous edits to my page don't appear on her page any more after my page was deleted.
re Kamm's wikipedia activities the link below is very interesting too! Not only does it show Kamm editing his own biography, but it also shows him in contact with 'Philip cross' and 'slim virign',. 'Slim Vrigin' is the editor who deleted my page.
The other interesting thing is the interest those who vandalised my page have with vandalising the page of David Cromwell of Media Lens too. We both got maliciously edited on the evening of 25th December!! What sort of person would psend Christmas night in front of a computer maliciuosly editing wikipedia entries? Only an obsessive person with a vendetta against me and David.

"Kamm has edited his own biography before.

Curiously, Kamm, an awful British neo-conservative gobshite and one man smear machine, made his last edit to the talk page of Philip Cross and it stated:

I'd like to draw your attention to a note I've just put on the user page of [[User:SlimVirgin|SlimVirgin]], as it refers to you too. Thanks.[[User:OliverKamm|OliverKamm]] 13:01, 5 July 2007 (UTC

But I can't find the note to SV as it has been predictably removed. Reading between the lines it seems to involve a now deleted article on Kamm's nemesis, writer Neil Clark. SV dismisses Clark here saying "it would be a stretch to call him a journalist". Presumably her involvement is politically motivated yet again, as Clark is "strongly opposed to the neo-conservative war agenda".

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify this point about Kamm burning in hellfire, I'd like to point out that this is not JUST mindless abuse!

Anybody who has seen the sick blend of neocon bigotry, obscene pro-war apology, grubby personal attacks and pseudo-intellectual bullshit which Kamm flushes down his blog will understand that he is heading for Hell.

I'm still not sure whether Neil is on the right track to go after him in the Law Courts. The way I see it, Kamm (and his ape-faced sidekick, Pollard) are a bit like the contents of a sewer. Normal healthy people wouldn't choose to spash around in a putrid brew of scum, vomit, slime, used condoms (and worse). And likewise, filth like Kamm and Pollard are best left ignored - out of sight and out of mind.

By stirring them up, you just make yourself dirty!

Anonymous said...

Jacques Poos hurried to inform the Slovenes, then trying to break away from Slobodan Milosevic's Yugoslavia, that small countries had no future in Europe".

Quite apart from that egregious error that you highlight, I love the fact of the Prime Minister of LUXEMBOURG making such a statement. Truly a man promoted well above his ability. Such was his "hour of Europe", moreover.

neil craig said...

I saw the article & put up a post saying that since there was no actual evidence ever produced against Milosevic in 4 1/2 years of "trial" that was an unworthy remark. I then said perhaps Mr Garton Ash was the one who should burn in Hell.

The Guardian decided to censor my comment which shows a certain double standard.


Anonymous said...

If the late Slobodan Milosevic rots in hell,it would occur for a reason. In fact I heard that he is an atheist and atheism can be cosidered a cardinal sin or something.

Anonymous said...

Even if it's a fact that Milosevic didn't order genocide,war crimes etc to take place it's a possible fact that he did nothing when the Serb army even some Serbian police officials committed genocide,war crimes etc so therefore he was still culpable and his punishment can therefore be warranted.