Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Five EU countries defend international law

Attempts by Britain, France, Germany and Italy to pressurise the rest of the EU to agree to recognise an independent breakaway country of Kosovo have hit the rocks. Five EU members: Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Greece and Cyprus are refusing to toe the line.
Cyprus Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Markoullis said her government wanted a negotiated settlement backed by the UN security council.
"Otherwise we risk undermining the whole UN system and its institutions, and this could create a very dangerous precedent,"

Quite. It’s shameful that no fewer than twenty EU members, led by Britain, were prepared to support the breaking of international law and the undermining of the UN and its institutions.
All those who think that international law- and the "UN system" should be respected, should thank Cyprus and the other EU 'rebels' for the stand they have taken.


Anonymous said...


Would appreciate our take on this article

David Lindsay said...

The neocons have done the most to dismember Yugoslavia, and they are still at it. But they have also moved on to Belgium. They have their eye on Russia. They are sowing discontent in Anglophone Canada. And they will turn their attention to Spain, and to the United Kingdom, soon enough.

With regard to Kosovo, all the coverage of potential precedents has referred to places like Scotland and Catalonia. But Kosovo is not in anything like that league.

If Kosovo becomes independent, then there will be no reason why any arbitrary administrative unit at all might not declare itself such as soon as it has a Muslim majority.

How about the former Metropolitan County of West Yorkshire, which still exists for ceremonial purposes? And why only a Muslim majority? Why not the southern-most counties of the United States once they have Hispanic majorities, if they don't already have them?

Both a Muslim majority in West Yorkshire and Hispanic majority in, say, Southern California or Southern Florida will be, and might already be, a direct product of the "free" market.

So, is anyone still saying that that market is conservative? No, it is not.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Clark justone correction.You wrote " recognise an independent breakaway country of Kosovo have hit the rocks.It is not a coutry but rather a province of the coutry
of Serbia that wants to breakaway.
There is not one argument the the American empire and it Albanian proxy make on why they should be able to take Serbian land that holds any water and I would challenge anyone to come up with a sound reason.I will list a few here an rebuttal.

1.Kosovo-Metohija is 90% Albanian
and the majority wants independece.
-Yes they are the majority in this region but they are a minority in Serbia as a whole and Kosovo is a part of Serbia.We also need to look at how they becomae the majority and it is not through nature means.
2.Serbia persecuted Albanians and in doing so lost any claims Kosovo.
Well the same can be said.Albanians even under NATO/UN rule have persecuted Serbs and continue to this day so they they would lose claims.
3.Granting independence would ensure stability in the Balkans for years to come.(I am not sure if even Americans believe this)Anyone with half a brain knows the exact opposite is true.Grantinf independence would from day one destabalize the Balkans in a number of ways.First appeasing jihad has never worked it has only caused further terror.It would set a precedent for other seperatist regions as well as unravel frozen conflict areas.It would break UN law as well as international,moral ethical law.It would create a economically dependent Muslim/NATO state in Europe.Would also cause further ethnic cleansing of Serbs
and severely strain the relations of Serbia and any country that supports the Albanian land grab.And it would reward the criminal behavior of the Albanian authorities with Serbian land.

Zhana said...

Hi Neil,
it's nice to see someone (you) from U.K. who knows Serbian history well, and to have balanced and honest attitude.

When we talk about Serbian position in Kosovo and Metohija crisis it's evident that powerful countries can take the province from Serbia but Serbs will never agree with that. Kosovo and Metohija is not a question of territory but of essential humanness. It's a choice between international law, the right of civilized nations and the right of stronger, the right of animals, beasts. That is the choice between human ethics and animal morality. Serbs will never accept the right of stronger as a right of beasts. And though the propaganda on US and British media against Serbia was awful during 15 and more years, we are humans. With such attitude the real, human face of Serbia becomes more than obvious.