Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some Thursday baloney

Liechtenstein are a good bet for Euro 2008. "Eddie the Eagle" Edwards was a brillant skier. Binge drinking is good for your health. Stephen Spielberg makes really good films. Afghanistan is a great holiday destination. Privatisation has improved Britain's railways. Salman Rushdie's books are real page turners. The Spice Girls are more talented than Mozart.
All a load of baloney? I agree. But so too is this.


Anonymous said...

I've been writing about George Soros and referenced an article of yours.

Here's the link to that Dec. 10 post:

If you search that site you'll find other posts I wrote.

Here's a link to my Dec. 5 post.

Bill Hobbs

Anonymous said...

I like Salman Rushdie.

Neil Clark said...

bill: many thanks.
luke: judging from previous comments you have left, the fact that you like salman rushdie doesn't surprise me.