Saturday, December 08, 2007

It Has to Be Ricky

Who gets your vote in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award? Win, lose or draw in Vegas tonight, for me it has to be Mancunian boxer Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton (above).
He's turned a whole new generation on to the noble art, and would richly deserve to win tomorrow night's award. As for the Foreign Sports Personality of the Year, I'd go for the delightful Ana Ivanovic, who reached the semi-final of Wimbledon and the final of the French Open. And for Team of the Year, my vote goes to the England rugby team for the character they showed in bouncing back from their mauling by South Africa in the World Cup.

How about you?


Martin Meenagh said...

Hi Neil--another excellent call. After years of showy, shadow-boxing by manufactured, and often lumbering, fighters fighting for nonsense titles we have a real gem of a battler here. Good luck to the guy!

Martin Meenagh said...

Ah well, he and his fans are taking defeat with grace and he made it to the tenth--I hope he copes with the defeat. That was a good fight though, well done to him.

Douglas said...

Does Beckham matter anymore? I'm here to tell you he was wildly overhyped here in the US, but a good crowd came to see him play in Minnesota.

And while I'm on the subject of the BBC, I would gladly surrender one of my 80-something cable channels to have unrestricted access to the BBC, instead of just getting a few hours a week of BBC news.

Neil Clark said...

it tells you a lot about the lack of good english players at the moment that Beckham was still the best player on the pitch when he came on as substitute in the match v Croatia.
do you get 'The Mystery Channel' among your 80 or so channels Douglas? Are they still showing repeats of Ellery Queen with Jim Hutton and David Wayne? If so, you're a lucky man!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear his working class moron supporters booing the US anthem just like they did the Croatian anthem at Wembley?

Most WHITE North Americans were on his side until his brain dead supporters showed their bigotry. He was outclassed by an inherently superior fighter. Let him go back to his local and smoke some fags, drink his ale, and wolf down some fish and chips. He doesn't belong on stage with the big boys.

Canadian Observer

Roland Hulme said...

Hi Canadian Observer - just for the record, when I went to the last NY Islanders vs. Toronto Maple Leaves game, the US crowd did the same thing to the Candadian national anthem.

The Canadian team retaliated by kicking the crap out of the Islanders. I mean, physically beating them up on the ice!

...and pummeling them 8-1.