Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lost in Translation (and egos)

According to the brilliant blogger The Exile, who is seldom, if ever wrong, the Iraqi translators campaign, so beloved by the "pro-war anti-war", has hit the buffers.
If that is indeed the case, then the words of It Aint Half Hot Mum's legendary RSM Williams (above) spring readily to mind.

Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind.

UPDATE: It seems that Dan Hardie, the "brains" behind the translators campaign, really is a humourless little drama queen. Take a look at this hysterical reaction to a piece by former Python Terry Jones.


Anonymous said...

That was an extremely funny exchange, and I entirely agree with the "humourless little drama queen" comment...

...but I couldn't help but wondering whether there's a faint whiff of the old pot and kettle about it.

But I'd be happy to be proved wrong, and this couldn't be easier: all you have to do is point me in the direction of a post or a comment by you that could accurately and unarguably be described as self-deprecating. Even Oliver Kamm tells (admittedly somewhat laboured) jokes at his expense, but I honestly can't recall you uttering anything along those lines.

Surreptitious Evil said...

But, of course, you didn't think again when you realised that Dan and Justin are co-operating in the campaign?

"The most important campaign post of the last week was by Justin McKeating, who has been keeping score of MPs’ replies. Very many thanks to Justin, to whom a lot is owed, especially by me. I wouldn’t have responded the way he did to an email from someone I’d last heard of hurling abuse my way."

You see, the moral imperative to do something on behalf of the Iraqi employees has brought together a diverse bunch of people who could otherwise be pretty much guaranteed to be on either side of almost any specific barricade, lobbing insults and electronic rocks, as well as others who would be quite happy sitting on it, minding their own business.

Anonymous said...

What conclusion can we draw from the positive use of a catchphrase used by a comic sadist and monster?

Neil Clark said...

I think the conclusion we can draw from your comment is that you're a pretty humourless character anonymous- at least as humourless as Mr Hardie.