Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Saddam Hussein Fan Club's Founder Member

Tonight's starter for ten. Who wrote, in 1976:

"The Baghdad regime is the first oil-producing government to opt for 100-per-cent nationalisation, a process completed with the acquisition of foreign assets in Basrah last December. It was the first to call for the use of oil as a political weapon against Israel and her backers. It gives strong economic and political support to the ‘Rejection Front’ Palestinians who oppose Arafat’s conciliation and are currently trying to outface the Syrians in Beirut. And it has a leader — Saddam Hussain — who has sprung from being an underground revolutionary gunman to perhaps the first visionary Arab statesman since Nasser."

(a) George Galloway
(b) Tony Benn
(c) Christopher Hitchens.

Yup, you've guessed it. The answer is(c). Something to remember next time a neo-con has the audacity to label those who opposed the Iraq war as "apologists for dictators".....

Many thanks to blogger AngloNoel for this classic!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Neil.

I don’t see this as a praise for Saddam, but rather the real reasons for the west to act quickly once Saddam did the mistake of attacking Kuwait.

This piece is similar to an interview with Cheney in 94, where he said invading Baghdad would create Quagmire, available on the link below,