Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A 'Humanitarian' writes

I have received this comment from 'anonymous' for my post on 'Iraqi interpreters and phoney humanitarians':

Go ahead and moderate/delete this comment. I know you will. I still hope you and and everyone you love is chainsawed into pieces.

Posted by Anonymous to Neil Clark at 6:14 PM

I have in my possession the ISP number of the sender and also know his/her location.
It is Washington D.C.

Update: another 'anonymous' demands to know why I haven't allowed a comment from Stephen Pollard on this site today. Well Stephen, if you're reading, let me just quote to you what a certain journalist said to me when I tried to ask him a perfectly civil question two years ago.

Mr Clark,

I do not intend to get into an argument with an apologist for mass murder such as yourself. Your email has been placed on my junk filter,

Yup folks, the journalist was none other than Stephen Pollard. You're junk too as far as I'm concerned, Stephen.

(and if you want other bloggers to say thank you for you pointing out their typos, why don't you reciprocate? Your shameless attack on homeopathy was full of mistakes, yet I got no thanks for pointing them out!)


Anonymous said...

I see your glorious Iraqi resistance has scored another triumph.

You must be very proud of them.

David Lindsay said...

Pollard's anonymous acolytes have been out in force about you over on my blog. Do keep an eye on it.