Monday, August 13, 2007

Life on Planet Vulcan

Yes, incredibly there's someone who doesn't think our utilities and infrastructure is privatised enough!
Don't you think it's interesting that 'free market' fanatics like Redwood write so glowingly of continental Europe's public transport, it's efficiency, its use of techonology, yet always fail to mention its most important feature: it's still publicly owned.


Anonymous said...

In real terms my rail fares are c.30% cheaper than they were pre-privatisation. My electricity is some 52% cheaper and my gas is almost 70% cheaper. Across the board utility pricing in the UK is almost 25% cheaper than Europe.

If that's not a call for more privatisation I don't know what is....

Anonymous said...

...and the train I take daily is approximately 100% more efficient than it was under British Rail.

(And, to be fair, 200% more efficient than it was under Connex, but the fact that they lost their franchise as a result is another argument in favour of privatisation: in the bad old days of BR we just had to grin and bear it)