Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Big Issue- and a Convenient Diversion

While a group of attention seeking bloggers, whose 'anti-war' credentials are to the say the very least, highly questionable, collaborate with neo-conservative warmongers in a campaign to grant asylum to Iraqi interpreters who worked for the invading forces, today's Independent on Sunday reminds us what should be the biggest issue for all those who consider themseleves anti-war.

Senior military commanders have told the Government that Britain can achieve "nothing more" in south-east Iraq, and that the 5,500 British troops still deployed there should move towards withdrawal without further delay.

I have many objections to the campaign organised by Dan Hardie, but not the least of them is the way it takes the focus away from the big issue: campaigning for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

Whether this was the motivation behind the campaign in the first place, only Mr Hardie can tell. But it certainly explains why pro-war bloggers, not known for their concern for the lives of Iraqis, have been so keen to lend their support to it.


Organized Rage. said...

Tens of Thousands of Iraqis are being killed every year, yet these ex leftist turn on their former comrades for not supporting a small number of translators. Perhaps it is time for the left to stop saying how high when Nicky Cohen and co come calling; and instead tell them to push off and target their venom at those who have the power to help their quisling friends in Iraq. I have a piece on this on my blog.

Ken said...

I get the feeling, Neil, that the save the harkis campaign has been rather stymied in its efforts to save the said harkis.

The point that I have been making around the web is that by saving the harkis they are, in effect, saying that the army can be left to rot. None of them have answered that point, and all I get is abuse, but I'll bet that the politicians have taken it on board.

So, if the collaborators are left to rot, who else will ever volunteer to help western imperialism. If they are brought over to the UK - all 20,000 of them - then we can quite legitimately ask why our army should be sacrificed in Iraq so that Iraqis can whoop it up in Britain?

Win-win, Neil, it's win-win.