Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Return of Ellery Queen

Great news for British tv viewers. The best detective series of them all returns to our television sets at 12.10pm tomorrow on BBC2. Tomorrow's episode is a classic involving the murder of a boxer. I won't give you any clues, but as usual, it's an ingenious solution. Make sure you set your videos (EQ is on again on Tuesday at the same time). They simply don't make television programmes like this anymore.


Anonymous said...

Never mind fictional mysteries - I'm engrossed in a far more entertaining real-life one, whose protagonists are GreenGoddess, CityLightsGirl and a mysterious company known as Fresh Ayr. I think there's a racehorse caught up somewhere in the story too.

It's gripping, I tell you. Gripping!

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

I'm sure it's not half as gripping as a mystery involving 'Joshua'; a malicious and vindictive hedge-fund trading writer seeking to destroy the career of a journalist who wrote a criticial review of his book, 'elena zamm', 'philip cross' 'slim virgin' and 'George Courtenay' and mysterious pseudonymous emails being sent to said journalists employers in attempts to get him the sack. This mystery involves criminal harassment and is definitely a case for Scotland Yard. And they probably won't need Ellery Queen to catch the culprits.