Saturday, August 04, 2007

TFTD: Childhood in Turbo-Capitalist Britain

"Consumerism is a monster that invades the psyches of very young children to become a permanent occupier. Three year-olds could say 'McDonalds' before their own surname and six year-olds could name over 200 brand names yet name only one or two species of bird. Young adolescents cited lack of designer gear as one of the main causes of humiliation, bullying and depression."

from commenter 'questionnaire' on the Guardian's Comment is Free website.
How far have we got to go before we kick turbo-capitalism into touch- forever?
If you're reading this in a country which still operates a different economic model, the above is what you're in for if your governments are foolish/corrupt enough to privatise all your publicly owned enterprises and let "market forces" decide everything.

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