Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Neo-Con Concoction

"And the fact that Saddam, as the final report of the Iraq Survey Group concluded, still aspired to acquire weapons of mass destruction - including a nuclear weapons arsenal - meant that the threat posed by his Iraq was one that, in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on America, could not be tolerated."

writes 'Neo' Con Coughlin, in today's Daily Telegraph.

So there you have it. 'Neo' Con Coughlin was the man who provided the fabricated document that the country’s army could access its weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes- the same document that was used in the infamous Iraq Dossier produced by the British intelligence service.
But let's forget the claims that Saddam DID have WMD, made time after time by the same author in the lead up to war, it was enough that he 'aspired' to acquire WMD.

Well, I 'aspire' to go through the card at Epsom ever Derby Day. Using Neo 'Con' Coughlin's logic, the bookies had better stop me entering the shop, just in case I do it.

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