Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Saki (left) has always been one of my favourite writers (my Daily Telegraph appreciation piece to mark the 90th anniversary of the great man's death can be read here).

In 'Fur', Saki tells a wonderful story about false friends- and how to exact revenge on those 'friends' for whom the sacrifices of friendship are beautiful - so long as they are not the ones asked to make them. I was reminded of 'Fur' when browsing a certain pro-war website earlier this week. Would you ever write of a journalist 'friend' that he/she should suffer "career death"? No, me neither. Yet, incredibly the author of those remarks then claimed to be shocked that his 'friend' should want to initiate legal proceedings against him! I strongly advise that the 'friend' in question (let's call him 'Mr H') should follow the example of Eleanor in 'Fur'. All he has to do to repay his false 'friend's treachery (let's call the false friend 'Mr David T' ) is to reveal to the entire world, via his website, the true identity of 'Mr David T'. You see for a long time 'Mr David T' has hid behind the cloak of anonymity to attack all sorts of people,(myself included) in an extremely obnoxious, deceitful and cowardly manner. 'Mr David T''s targets all write under their own names, yet 'Mr David T' insists on preserving his anonymity because he does not want to " aggravate" his employer.
If 'Mr H' really wants to repay 'Mr David's T's act of 'friendship', he knows exactly what he should do next.


Anonymous said...

If 'Mr H' really wants to repay 'Mr David's T's act of 'friendship', he knows exactly what he should do next.

As far as I can see, 'Mr H's reaction was to refer to a third party - let's call him 'Mr C' - as being "depraved".

Was this the action you had in mind?

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

As a betting man, I would have made it a 100-1 shot that 'Mr H' would have done the proper
thing. As for being labelled 'depraved' by 'Mr H', I'm sure 'Mr C' regards being labelled 'depraved' by someone who supported the murderous, illegal Iraq War, and who boasts of bedding neo-Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists, as a badge of honour. A compliment from 'Mr H' would, I'm sure, leave 'Mr C' very, very worried indeed.....